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Episode 151 | Aquarius First Quarter Moon: Cobblestones and Roadblocks

Episode 151 | Aquarius First Quarter Moon: Cobblestones and Roadblocks!

Happy Halloween! In this very light astrological week: The Aquarius First Quarter Moon tests resolve about projects that began back in January. Void-of-Course Moon periods this week are shorter and happier, thanks to Jupiter. Venus opposed Uranus celebrates the beauty of taking out the trash, both literally and figuratively. And in this week between the October 25th Solar and November 8th Lunar Eclipses, April climbs into the wayback machine to revisit mini-lessons about eclipses in the houses of the horoscope and in aspect to natal planets.

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[1:22] The week begins with a First Quarter Moon at 08°49′ Aquarius on Halloween evening (Oct. 31, 11:37 pm PDT), The Moon in Aquarius makes it easier to disconnect from the emotional intensity of last week’s Scorpio Solar Eclipse and move through some Saturn roadblocks. This is the First Quarter Moon in a Lunar Phase Family that began with the Aquarius New Moon on January 31, 2022.

[3:36] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. Oct. 31: The Moon in Capricorn sextiles Jupiter in Pisces at 8:14 am PDT and is VOC for about a half hour before entering Aquarius (8:43am PDT). Use this brief interlude to write down one big project you would like to accomplish.

[4:50] November 2: The Moon in Aquarius trines retrograde Mars, then goes VOC for about seven and a half hours before entering Pisces (11:46 am PDT). Use this time to brainstorm – then add your ideas to the very practical outline that developed during that Halloween morning, Moon in Capricorn coffee klatch!

[5:48] November 4: The Moon in Pisces conjoins Jupiter (3:05 pm PDT) and is VOC for about one hour before entering Aries (4:07 pm PDT). This is just a little mid-afternoon, VOC nap to dream big Jupiterian dreams.

[6:26] Venus (Scorpio 17°03′) opposes Uranus (Taurus 17°03′) on November 5th at 3:22 pm PDT.  The Sabian symbol for Venus, 18 Scorpio, is, Wood rich in autumn coloring. The Sabian symbol for Uranus is 18 Taurus, A woman holding a bag out the window. Autumn is a season of releasing and letting go, and this aspect makes the process easier.

[8:08] Mini-lesson: Eclipses in the houses of the horoscope (from Ep. 120) and in aspect to natal planets (from Ep. 121).

[8:48] Eclipses in astrology signify change and crisis – but don’t be afraid, crisis just means you need to move in a new direction!

[9:58] Solar Eclipses tend to be experienced through overwhelming emotions. Lunar Eclipses are often times when we react to emotional challenges by trying to hold onto something more material and real.

[11:49] Eclipses move backward through pairs of houses in the chart.

[16:51] Eclipses in aspect to your Natal Planets. April looks only at squares, conjunctions, and oppositions within a 4°orb.

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