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Episode 111 | The Return of Pluto, and a Sect-sy Question

Ep. 111 | The Return of Pluto, and a Sect-sy Question!

This week, one of the year’s biggest events in astrology: the United States Pluto return. This is the first time that Pluto will have completed a full orbit since the founding of the United States. While some may think that this spells the end of the international dominance of the States, it’s actually more of a sign of transformation rather than a definitive ending. We may expect to see dramatic shifts in political and economic power, and a change in how we use our natural resources. There are several important dates on the calendar for this particular Pluto return, so stay tuned for further developments.

Later in the episode, April walks you through the Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon and this week’s void-of-course Moon periods; Venus and Mars check in with Neptune; and an innovative but tech-tickling Mercury-Uranus square. Finally, April answers a listener question about the role of sect in your birth chart!

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[0:45] It’s a light week in the skies this week, so let’s look at…

[1:09] The biggest astrology news of the week: The first U.S. Pluto return, marking political and economic shifts

[2:07] The dates of the Pluto conjunction, and what to look out for. Erratum: The correct dates are February 20, July 11, then on December 28, 2022. The dates I gave in the episode are the precession corrected dates in 2024  (which take into consideration the slight wobble of the earth’s rotation on its axis – it adds up over 248 years!).

[3:24] A Pluto return is a change, not necessarily an ending

[4:49] The Venus-Mars sextile aspect to Neptune: A quiet moment of contemplation

[7:56] This week’s Moon report, with a tuneful intro from listener Elliott!

[11:30] The week’s void-of-course moon periods

[14:47] A square aspect between Mercury and Uranus: Time to brainstorm!

[16:50] A question (and 19th century spoiler alert) from listener “TV”

[18:10] April breaks down the role of sect in astrology

[25:30] How to submit your astrology questions

[26:45] A big shout out to the show’s loyal and generous listeners, especially Elliott Mayer (yes, THAT Elliott!), Catherine Boyer, and Sara McNeil!

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