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Jerry, full of grace

The 1970s were an ugly decade, and it’s only the fact that I came of age then that I hold any nostalgia for it. For instance, I’m stunned today to find myself shedding a tear over the death of former President Gerald Ford. My mother disliked Richard Nixon even as …

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Jupiter isn’t always Santa Claus

Sad news today that Steve Irwin, TV’s “Crocodile Hunter,” was killed by a stingray while filming in the Great Barrier Reef. Irwin was born February 22, 1962 – a Pisces Sun (opposed Pluto), but one of those folks with a cluster of planets in Aquarius. I don’t know his time …

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Good night, Johnny.

Johnny Carson has died. From Salon: Carson choose to let ‘Tonight’ stand as his career zenith and his finale, withdrawing into a quiet retirement that suited his private nature and refusing involvement in other show business projects. Johnny was a Libra, the acme of cool Libran charm. But with the …

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