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When the MOON is in Taurus

See the column to the right for today’s Moon sign. This text is for days when the Moon is in Taurus.

  • Today’s Question: “What is mine?”
  • Today’s Gods: Venus, goddess of love, desire, and sensuality.
  • Today’s Guides: bankers, gardeners, confectioners, dancers, musicians (especially singers), cherubs, children, housecats.
  • Celebrity Docents: Naturalist John Muir, Queen Elizabeth II, Leonardo DaVinci, Barbra Streisand, Uma Thurman, Bing Crosby, Orson Wells, Fred Astaire, Sigmund Freud, Bono, George Clooney, Eva Peron, and the divine Christina Hendricks.
  • Today’s assignment: Be here now.

As a little girl, I remember watching my Taurus mother get ready for a night out with my dad. Taking in the layers of talc, perfume, and makeup; the girdle; the stockings; the complicated outfits, I remember thinking….

AUGGHHH! The result was beautiful and glamorous, yes; but when I thought of growing up and having to do all that stuff myself, I felt … a little bit panicked. And trapped in a body that didn’t match my shy, bookwormish personality one bit.

Born with restrictive Saturn in the second house, Taurus’ natural home, I was born with my mother’s lush physique but without the charm and confidence to make it work for me. Early on, I took refuge in things of the mind, considering bodies a nuisance and wishing I didn’t have to bother with one at all. It just seemed like far too much work to maintain a body! When would I have time to read?

You don’t have to have Saturn in the second house (or in Taurus, or in aspect to Venus) to relate to that feeling. Immersed in modern life, with its sedentary pace and wall-to-wall electronic gadgets, it’s easy to become estranged from our bodies. Today, while the Moon is in Taurus, the sign that represents the joy of physicality, it’s time to remember what it feels like to stretch, to strut, to take a walk, to breathe deeply, to dance.

In time, of course, I grew to appreciate the delights of womanhood. But kinetics simply is not my native language, and I admire the fluency of those born with Taurean grace and physicality. Like Taurus native Christina Hendricks, who portrays Mad Men’s Joan Harris with such poise and sensuous power. Uma Thurman taking on 88 crazy martial arts adversaries at once. Or the magical Fred Astaire (with lovely music by Taurean Enya):