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When the MOON is in Capricorn

This text is for days when the Moon is in Capricorn.

  • moonincap_300Today’s Question: “Where am I going?”
  • Today’s Gods: Saturn, god of agriculture, civilization, and of social order.
  • Today’s Guides: elders; captains of industry; engineers; chiropractors; farmers; the poor; ravens; bears.
  • Celebrity Docents: Humphrey Bogart, Janis Joplin, Cary Grant, Marlene Dietrich, Elvis Presley, Nicolas Cage, Kevin Costner, Faye Dunaway, January Jones, Dolly Parton, Sissy Spacek, Michael O’Donoghue, Ricky Martin, Ben Kingsley, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Today’s assignments: Prioritize, build, discipline.

New Year’s Resolutions are tough to keep. Sometimes that’s because we don’t really know what we want to accomplish. Other times, we find that we’re daunted by the sheer distance that lies between us and our goal. (And anything worth accomplishing should be seen as daunting; if there were no challenge, there would be no accomplishment in meeting the goal.)

Capricorn, symbolized by the mountain goat, knows there’s only one way to close the gap between you and the summit: one hoofstep at a time. It’s not important that every step be graceful, or that you smile and think positive thoughts while you’re climbing the mountain – the only thing that’s important is that you keep moving forward. If you’re determined to reach a goal, whether it’s small and personal or of social significance, you can generally find success simply by showing up and doing the job – and, with dogged determination, by outlasting the competition.

It’s never too late in the year – or too late in life – to commit to a resolution. For two and a half days of each month, while the Moon is in Capricorn, you have the opportunity to refine the “to do” list of your life. Today, choose one goal that you can reasonably reach in the next 28 days. If you’re willing to sweat, to be discouraged and exhausted, to sacrifice comfort, luxury, and afternoon naps – you can expect to achieve that goal by the next Capricorn Moon. Practice this exercise every month, and you’ll develop strength and confidence in your ability to meet your resolutions. And as you glimpse the mountain’s summit, you may even find that, like Capricorn Martin Luther King, Jr., your ambitions eventually shift from realizing your personal goals to systematically, step-by-step, leading others to the promised land: