Astro*Marketing Package


Your birth chart: the ultimate personal marketing plan!

To the typical spiritual and/or creative mind,“marketing” sounds off-putting — too calculated, too crassly commercial. But guess what: The minute you apply for a job, ask for a date, or try to get someone to pay attention to your astrological products and services, you’re in the marketing business.

How can you find the people who are in tune with what you have to offer? First, you have to understand something that every Leo already knows (just ask them): what it is that makes you shine!

All of the things you need to be successful at marketing yourself and your business are clearly outlined in your own birth chart. In fact, your birth chart is the ultimate, personalized marketing plan.

The symbolism of your birth chart can help you figure out what you have to offer that’s really special, and how to attract people who are in tune with you. By combining dead-simple marketing principles with a few basic astrology symbols, you’ll learn:

  • How the Sun in your chart defines your “personal brand.”
  • How your Moon describes your ideal customer, how to turn client nightmares into dreams.
  • What your Midheaven says about your niche, your goals, and how to turn negative perceptions about you and your business into selling points;
  • How to use the strengths of your Ascendant to “advertise” yourself.

Preview the Table of Contents!

You’ll receive:

  • a 60-minute mp3 of my lecture on this topic (with most of the swear words edited out!)
  • a 40+ page PDF workbook to help walk you through the ideas outlined in the lecture.
  • Both available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD!


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