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When the MOON is in Aquarius

See the column to the right for today’s Moon sign. This text is for days when the Moon is in Aquarius.

  • Today’s Question: “Where do I belong?”
  • Today’s Gods: Saturn, god of agriculture, civilization, and of social order; and Uranus, god of change.
  • Today’s Guides: eccentrics, visionaries, entrepreneurs, politicians, motivational speakers, colleagues, members of organizations.
  • Today’s Celebrity Docents: Aquarians David Lynch; John Belushi; Paul Newman; Lewis Carroll; Peter Gabriel; Oprah Winfrey; Rosa Parks; Alan Alda; Betty Freidan; Rip Torn; Warren Zevon; Abraham Lincoln; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Ronald Reagan; Helen Gurley Brown; John Travoltaaaaaa < /Oprah >
  • Today’s assignments: Join your personal vision with the visions of others.

Aquarius is a sign of contradictions. It’s a sign that symbolizes society’s oddball, the rebellious square peg who stubbornly refuses to be shoved into a round hole – the Sun sign of eccentric director David Lynch, force-of-nature comedian John Belushi, paradigm-busting Betty Freidan, and activist Rosa Parks.

But it’s also the sign of the hail-fellow-well-met, the person who knows everyone in his neighborhood and most everyone in his town. In some cases, it’s the sign of the master politician or superstar. An Oprah Winfrey, Alan Alda, Ronald Reagan, or Franklin D. Roosevelt succeeds because others relate to him or her. The Aquarian celebrity is someone of singular stature who nonetheless exudes human-scale warmth and populism.

Franklin Roosevelt is a notable example of this side of Aquarius. Born to wealth, power, and privilege, Roosevelt presided over an administration best remembered for his “New Deal” policies, such as Social Security and the U.S. Housing Authority, that helped elevate the poor and elderly out of destitution. Roosevelt won relection three times, leading the U.S. public out of the Great Depression, through the frightening aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack and the country’s entry into World War II. He wasn’t a perfect, or even ideal, man or president. But he had the ability to connect with his people, and to convince them he was on their side. That’s the mark of a leader: the ability to embrace the spirit of the collective. The mark of a great leader is that he or she also elevates the discourse and moves the collective out of its comfort zone and into history.

But the world needs its rebels, too, its outcasts and weirdos. Without them, nothing much ever changes. Today, while the Moon is in Aquarius, ask yourself how you can best influence the world: by shaking up the status quo and waking people up before they walk off a cliff – or by meeting the world where it is and then persuading it to be better, braver, and more compassionate than it thinks it can be?