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Associates Program

Share my report and earn a commission!

If you like my Moonshadow Eclipse Report, I’d love it if you would promote it to your readers and clients. I’d love it so much, in fact, that I’ll offer you an enticement to sweeten the deal:

Join my affiliate program and earn 25% each time
you refer someone
who buys a Moonshadow Report at the full price!

There’s no catch. I want more readers who would love this report to find this report – and my best way of doing that is through the help of folks like you.

How it Works
  1. You sign up for my affiliate program through (see instructions at the bottom of the page).
  2. You post a link embedded with your unique affiliate ID anywhere on your website, in emails, or any other place where you promote offers to your audience. One of your followers clicks on the link and purchases a report.
  3. I prepare and email the report to the customer.
  4. E-junkie tracks sales that come from your link and calculates your percentage. You receive an email from E-junkie every time you make an affiliate sale.
  5. At the end of the month I’ll send you a Pay Pal payment.

How to Join
  1. Use this link to register or sign in with, the site that handles the record-keeping for my affiliate program. An affiliate account is free, but you will need a Pay Pal account because that’s how affiliate payments are made.
  2. Under Your Affiliate Programs, make sure Big Sky Astrology is selected.
  3. Under Product-specific Links & Info, select Followed by a Moonshadow.
  4. Copy the code for either an HTML Button Code or a simple Text Link under Get Hop Link Code. 
  5. For the Button Code, use on your WordPress page by switching to Text mode and inserting the HTML Button Code. Otherwise, use the Text Link anyplace!  This link MUST be used or you won’t get credited for the sale!
  6. Your visitor clicks on the link and buys a report. (Sample copy and a nice little image are below!) I process and email the report. PayPal processes the payment, and E-junkie tracks your sales.
  7. At the end of the eclipse season (about one-two weeks after the final eclipse in the series), you’ll get a Pay Pal payment for 25% of the total Moonshadow Report sales that came from your link!

Quick copy!

Use as-is or edit to your liking:

Where has your life reached a turning point? Every six months, eclipses electrify the houses and planets of your birth chart, often bringing a crisis that you didn’t see coming. But each eclipse is part of a larger cycle, the latest chapter in a recurring saga that is played out over the course of a lifetime. Author April Elliott Kent’s “Followed by a Moonshadow,” an exclusive, 40+ page computer report customized for your unique birth chart, shows you when the previous installments of this year’s saga have played out, so you can be prepared for what lies ahead. “April’s Moonshadow eclipse report allowed me to understand and reframe one of the most challenging relationship endings of my life. Seeing the event in the context of an eclipse fall out helped me not only make sense of what had happened, but to see the soul lessons I was to glean from that ending. The report is simply uncanny in its accuracy.” – Lori Ann Lothian, Creator of Flowmagic™ and Huffington Post blogger

Bling for your page!

If you’d like an image to help promote the report on your site, here are a couple you can use!

  1. Just right-click on the image and “Save As” to your computer, then place the image anywhere on your site.
  2. Embed it with your affiliate code so you get credit when someone clicks on it and buys a report! In Word Press, just click on the image you’ve inserted in your page, click the “link” icon on the toolbar, and enter your affiliate Text Link (see step 5 in the How to Join section)!