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When beds attack!

I spent several happy, contemplative hours last week painting one wall in our bedroom a pale, icy pink. This required us to drag our new 900 lb. sleigh bed away from the wall, a feat not unlike the raising of Stonehenge or those giant heads on Easter Island. Then, in the process of shoving the bed back into place a couple of days ago, we… broke it. We shoved a little too enthusiastically at the foot board, I guess, and finally it shoved back, exploding in a kind of splintery rage and kicking my right shin, leaving it bruised and raw.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think that’s any way for a bed to behave. Beds should be comforting, Cancerian. Being attacked by one’s bed is as jarring as being smacked by one’s mother.

Sigh. Mars in Cancer, man: she’s back, she’s nearing an opposition to Pluto (exact Friday morning), and she’s not messing around!

It’s gonna be a hectic week astrologically – Venus conjoins Neptune on Thursday, Mars opposes Pluto just before Friday’s New Moon, and the Sun makes its annual rendevous with exciting (but disruptive) Uranus on Saturday. Other than my furniture attacking me, though, I can’t complain. Still, the week is young. How’s everyone else coping?

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  • L.

    Ha! That’s a hilarious example of Mars re-entering Cancer. “Not any way for a bed to behave” — I’m totally with you there. Thanks for sharing that.

    Coping? Well, I just held my tongue more or less for an hour of maddening conversation with my father. I finally remembered what Mars and Pluto are doing upon wondering why I was getting so angry…on the upside, I’m otherwise channeling that energy in much happier ways, doing Scorpionic things with my Scorpio boyfriend…:-)

  • Sounds like you have a Capricorn bed! Isn’t that so descriptive of what happens when you push back against an opposition!

    After being slammed by two eclipses in the past month, I’m doing much better, thank you. This week’s Aquarian moon helped to put me back on my feet.

  • Speaking of Mars in Cancer – revenge of the moms, Hillary takes Texas and Ohio! I knew something shifted…

  • Yikes! Homicidal beds! I hope your ankle is recovering. And it was awesome to talk to you Saturday. I’m sorry if any of my wily Mars energy zapped your house as a result.

    I’d agree with Susie except that the opposition sits on her ASC/DSC, squaring her Moon. I’d wait for the perfection to see if Obama claims the Texas caucus. That’ a whole lot of effort on her part to still be behind by 100 delegates.

    As for me, the opposition has brought family drama, of course! Woo!

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