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Under a dying moon

It’s been absurdly hot here the past couple of days. The cats are sweltering in their winter coats, the plants are drooping, and I think my sourdough starter (which I accidentally left on the counter yesterday) died. By the time we went to bed last night we were all out of sorts, and no one slept well.

I woke up from a sound sleep about 12:30 and, unable to get back to sleep, wandered out to the couch. I made the mistake of checking my email and found an email that really made me angry; spent some time formulating an angry response; and still angry, watched some bad television. It was 3:30 before I stumbled back to bed. It was still nearly 70 degrees. I was still fuming.

Now it’s not even 9:00 a.m. and it’s already 80 degrees. Like my sourdough starter, I exploded in yesterday’s heat and I’m now deflated  – I don’t even have the energy left to be angry. Mars is at 29 degrees of Pisces, poised to move into Aries tomorrow morning (6:44 am PDT), and the Moon is in her Balsamic phase; time to give the demons one last airing before letting them go. Mars in Pisces feels angry when it senses exploitation; are you feeling victimized, taken advantage of? Get good and mad about it… energize yourself with it. Fight with it. And then tonight, bury its bones in the backyard, under the dying moon.

2 comments to " Under a dying moon "

  • Haymen, sistah woman! This explains why I was fuming yesterday over the victimization of a loved one (the Mars/Venus in Pisces t. the 5th House). I feel better today and drank brewed coffee for the first time in ages this morning. I guess that was Mars slipping into Aries via a caffeine jolt!

  • Bonnie Troop

    Love the direct, intense and informative style of your writing! Fabulous, simply fabulous! Great site!

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