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TRANSCRIPT Ep. 94 | Podathon Day 1: Full Moon Funfest!


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Jen: Welcome to the Big Sky Astrology podcast, with April Elliott Kent and me, producer and cohost Jen Braun. Hey friends, Jen here. Today is Monday, September 20th, 2021. And here with me – for a week-long daily episode funfest – is my friend, astrologer April Elliott Kent. Hi April.

April: Hello, Jen. It is a funfest.

Jen: It’s a funfest!

April: It is a gala Podathon spree. We are so delighted to welcome you all to this Second Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon.

Jen: Podathon!

April: . What is a Podathon, you ask?

Jen: What is a Podathon, April?

April: I am so glad you asked. Instead of the one 30-minute episode, which we would normally bring you every other week, this week, we’re doing something a little different. We’re going to bring you five mini episodes of about 15 to 20 minutes in length, one each day through Friday, September 24th. This format will give us the opportunity to share different kinds of content with you, but we have an ulterior motive as well.

Jen: We do indeed. As most of you know, this podcast is audience-funded, and at the close of each regular episode, we love to personally thank each and every one of you for your support over the year. We truly couldn’t make this podcast without you. But of course, that also means that at least once a year, we run a larger appeal for contributions to help us cover the costs of producing the podcast. Many of you have heeded that call over the past year and we appreciate it so much.

April: So, here we are, again, with a fun week in store for all of us, we can’t believe a year has flown by already. This week, we’ll be taking a look at the astrology of each day. We will be laughing, hopefully we will not be crying, and we will be answering some of your questions. Of course, we’ll also be hoping to earn your support. And in return, we have some giveaways as well as a raffle for you. Tell them about it, Jen.

Jen: To encourage your contributions, we’re inviting donors of only $5 or more to our special episodes for the September Equinox and the December Solstice. This is no small thing: Not only do you get two special episodes, but in the September Equinox episode, we’ve created the longest, most comprehensive three-month look ahead ever. It’s over 45 minutes of content, looking at the upcoming eclipses as well as all of the major planetary happenings of this three-month period. The September Equinox drops this week, and you won’t want to miss it.

Second, everyone who donates $25 or more – as well as for folks who make a monthly ongoing contribution – will be entered in a drawing to win one of these five great prizes: One grand prize winner will win a 90-minute reading with April, a $225 value.

April: Huzzah!

Jen: Two listeners will win a 60-minute personal astrology reading with April, a $175 value.

April: Woohoo!

Jen: One listener will win a very cool astrology poster from friend of the podcast, Phillip Blasa of The Elegant Universe. April, tell us about this poster.

April: It’s beautiful. It is a colorful overview of many of the commonly discussed terms used in astrology. You can see the poster and read more about it at, And we will link that of course, in the show notes.

Jen: And one person will receive a solar return report from April’s delightful shop. Pal, do you want to say anything about this?

April: Yes. It’s a really wonderful and comprehensive report for your birthday year ahead. It’s about 40 pages and it’s written by the wonderful Mary Shea, who is a specialist in solar returns. So, we think somebody would enjoy having one of those.

Jen: Yes. And finally, of course, all contributors to the podcast, will get our hilarious bingo card, so you can play along as you browse our back catalog and listen to future episodes.

April: Well, at least we think it’s hilarious, so we think you’ll think so too. So, we do want to say, we know that not everyone can contribute financially, which we totally understand. We love you just the same. But here are some free ways that you can help out the podcast. If you liked the show, please give us a five-star rating in Apple Podcasts. That will be terrific. It really does help others find the podcast. You can also write us a happy review either on Apple Podcasts or any of the other platforms that allow comments where you might be listening to the show. You can always write us comments on the episode page of Another way to show support is to hit that follow button. And you can tell a friend about The Big Sky Astrology Podcast and encourage them to subscribe or like the show as well.

Now, finally, in the spirit of full disclosure, we want to let you know that for the time being, as we head into the end of the calendar year, we are going to be continuing to bring you episodes every other week, instead of weekly. We hope that you continue to find value in the episodes, less frequent though they may be, we will still pack each episode with the same amount of love and information and we do hope that you will contribute.

Jen: And April, how should people donate to the show?

April: It’s as easy as going to our podcast website, We will make it so that you cannot miss it.

Jen: Perfect. April, let’s move on to today’s show. What should we begin with?

April: Jen?

Jen: Yes.

April: What do you think we’ll begin with today? Could it be?

Jen: Do tell.

April: It’s Moonwatch…

Jen: Moonwatch…

April: Play it!

April: So, today, September 20th at 04:55 PM, we have a Full Moon at 28° and 13 minutes Pisces, on the Sabian symbol, 29 Pisces, “A Prism”. And that sound lovely.

Jen: It does sound lovely. What does it make you think of?

April: Well, I’m looking at the Moon in Pisces, and it’s still pretty close to Neptune in this chart. And that says prism to me, it’s casting the light out in a multifaceted way. It’s kind of diffused and softly colored light. And that feels very Piscean and very Neptune to me.

Full Moons generally are the time of the lunar cycle where things tend to be revealed to us. Some of them having begun at the Virgo New Moon, which was on September 6th, and now we are starting to see the results of what we initiated or planted at that time. This is part of a lunar phase family that began back in March of 2020, a New Moon at 4° of Aries. And then there was a First Quarter in this series on December 21st at 0°, 34 minutes Aries. Which I think was the day of the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Was it not?

Jen: Good memory. Yes.

April: Yes.

Jen: Totally.

April: So, this is an important Full Moon for understanding what began in late March of 2020. Can anyone remember what was happening then?

Jen: Yes, there was a pandemic happening then.

April: There was. That’s a very Piscean Neptunian sort of vibe. And then we had a turning point at the end of last year, and now we’re at a really interesting revelation point with this.

Jen: So, this lunar phase family began in Aries. Is that because this Full Moon is at the very end of Pisces, so it spilled over into Aries there?

April: Yes. Or the other way ‘round.

Jen: Sure.

April: It was in Aries. Yes. And now, it is at the end of Pisces. The Sun at this Full Moon is conjunct Mars. So, the conjunction to Mars, I don’t know how great that is. People don’t seem to be coming to any better consensus about how to deal with a pandemic lately than they did at the beginning. And, do you have any thoughts about it?

Jen: When I look at this Full Moon, the Sun’s over there in Virgo and the Moon, of course, as you said, in Pisces. I think of that balance between the Virgo qualities of the mundane – and by that, I don’t mean boring, but I mean the day-to-day world – versus Pisces, which is the compassionate, ethereal, dream world. And coming to some sort of balance between those two is the goal at a Full Moon like this one. Isn’t it?

April: Definitely. And with the Sun and the Moon both connecting with Neptune, that puts a little more emphasis on the Neptune’s side of that equation. And then both of them tracking with Pluto, which is about a transformational process that isn’t always comfortable. So, even though the Sun and the Moon are not in bad aspects with Neptune and Pluto, I think it gives a little bit of a difficult vibe to the Full Moon and then connecting with Mars as well.

So, the Sabian symbol for the Sun at this Full Moon is 29 Virgo, which is “A Man Gaining Secret Knowledge From A Paper He Is Reading”. That is a very Virgo image to me, and especially a Sun in Virgo trine Pluto. Secret knowledge is the part of this symbol that really speaks to me. And there’s a couple of different ways to think of secret knowledge. I mean, there is a Virgo kind of knowledge, a Mercury kind of knowledge, which is about actual facts that we can read that we can see.

Pisces and that Sabian symbol, “The Prism”, is much more… it’s not vague, but it is less literal than that. It’s what we Intuit, what we glean on a non-verbal, non-cognitive level at this Full Moon. It’s kind of interesting. It goes back to this same general disagreement that is going on – It’s not just in the United States, it’s all over the world – about what are the facts that we should believe. How do we address people’s fears, for instance, about being vaccinated and those kinds of things? There’s that Pluto element of it as well, I think. And so, it’s a little bit of a funny, Full Moon. We’ll have to see where this takes us.

But it brings us to the other important aspect of today, which is Mercury the ruler of Virgo trine Jupiter, which is the ruler of Pisces. And that happens at 03:53 PM, so, it’s present in this Full Moon chart as well. And so, this says that the details that Virgo loves so much can make up something more than the sum of its parts. And, the sum of its parts to me is Piscean. You know, if you look at a human being and you say, “Okay, you’ve got a physical body, you’ve got hair, you’ve got arms, you’ve a nose, you’ve got all these different things.” It tells you about some dimensions of a human being, but it does nothing to really tell you about that human being. Right?

Jen: Not what’s inside.

April: Yes. What’s inside of them and the heart and the soul of them and their story and all of these other things. That’s what comes to mind with this Mercury and Jupiter and this Full Moon.

Jen: I think the only other thing I throw in here at the end is that the Moon will move into Aries later today on Monday, and we’ll cover that tomorrow. Won’t we, April?

April: That sounds like an excellent idea. It sort of makes sense that since we’re talking about this Full Moon in Pisces, I really have been having a hard time putting together a cogent thought. And I think we can all take a note from that. It’s really kind of a good day for taking time out of your regular routine, if you possibly can as we always advise during Pisces and Neptunian times.

Jen: And Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, the very end. And so, tomorrow, we’ll have a fresh start with Aries.

April: That’s right. I mean, Virgo talks about the things that can only take us so far, and then we have to give it over to Pisces and take us into the realm of magic.

Jen: Magic sounds nice.

April: Alright, my friend, that is everything we have on our show sheet. Have we done it?

Jen: Episode 94, Podathon year two. We’ve done it. We’re moving right along.

April: We are Podathoning as though there’s no tomorrow. But there will be.

Jen: There absolutely will be. Yes.

April: Thank you for listening to The Big Sky Astrology Podcast. If you like, what you’re hearing, be sure to follow us, right, leave a review. And we hope that you will spread the word by telling a friend.

Jen: As we’ve been saying, this is the first day of our Second Annual Podathon. This podcast is audience-funded, and your generous donations help us keep the podcast coming to you. To donate, please go to Anyone who donates $5 or more will receive access to two special episodes, our current September Equinox episode, as well as the upcoming December Solstice episode.

And if you donate $25 or more, you’ll be automatically entered in our raffle. One winner will get a solar return report from April’s fantastic shop. Another winner will get a super spiffy astrology poster. Two extra specially lucky winners will get a free 60-minute reading with April. And one super-duper, extra, super, super extra duper winner, will get a full 90-minute reading with April.

April: That’s somebody with, like, Jupiter in exaltation or something, I think!

Jen: Yes, absolutely. We want to thank everyone on the air in the months to come. If you do not want us to mention your name, please email April. She’s at april(at) You’ll also receive a donor email that will have this information as well. But we did want to mention this to you here too, I don’t know, in case that was a barrier for you.

April: Yes, that is true. Well, join us again, bright and early tomorrow morning for the next in this gala Podathon spree. And until then, keep your feet on the ground…

Jen: …and your eyes on the stars!

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