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How’s that Full Moon treating you? I was sick with the flu a couple of weeks ago and busting my hump to catch up on my work last week, so I didn’t have time to write anything for the Full Moon. I did, however, post the following essay from a few years back…

In the Belly of a Duck
It’s important to use all your gifts to create a life that is a sincere offering to the gods, but prosperity is a dance you must do with the unseen forces of the collective. You can’t achieve prosperity in a vacuum, not unless you own a mint. Prosperity is not a closed system; the money you hope to attract has to come from other people. And the minute you demonstrate a willingness to accept help from the collective, the oppressive weight of trying to earn a living is immediately cut in half. There’s no shame in letting others carry you part of the way along your journey ….. (read the full article)

As for Mercury Retrograde… well, it does indeed seem like I’m having to do everything at least twice these days, in keeping with one of the stereotypes about Mercury Rx. Which is mildly annoying, but hardly terminal – and in fact, is occasionally delightful. For instance, we hosted not one but two parties over the weekend for visiting friends. Terrific, chatty fun – I talked my throat raw.

But writing? Not so much. My friend Neeti Ray instigated an interesting mini-conversation on Facebook this morning, though, about feeling uncommunicative since Mercury turned retrograde in Gemini – which Beth Turnage aptly summed up as “feeling tongue-tied.” And that’s exactly where I’m at. I can’t even get up the gumption to update my Facebook status on a regular basis, let alone my blog.

Which is not to say nothing’s going on. I’m actually beside myself with excitement about an astrology project that I’m working on… just not quite ready to talk about it in detail yet, and still in the earliest stages of research (appropriately, while Mercury is Rx). Watch this space, as they say.

For now, I’m out of words – feel free to share your own about Mercury Rx, the Full Moon, or anything else in comments!

8 comments to " Tongue-tied "

  • Oooh! I just added you on FB. 🙂

    Can’t comment here about the state of medical affairs that came to blossom on the full moon, but it’s all been a helluva ride since just before Merc took a dive, including BofA immediately detecting fraudulent activity on my credit card and shutting down my account. (Whew!) Amazing.

  • You are one of the best writers (who’s also an astrologer) that I’ve ever read.

    I’m currently revising and expanding a book I wrote a few years ago and your narrative style is a whimsically auspicious example for my pondering anima…

  • Alexander, that’s one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received. Thank you! And best of luck revising your book.

    Hope you are well, Maria!

  • Andrew Andrew


    We must renew our lease by the end of the month (May 09) , but we did find a bigger space in the SAME apartment complex. In the past week they have come down on the price of the new and larger apt. The floor plan is very similar to the current one and the numerology numbers are both “1”. Is it safe to sign and move to another space in the same Apt. Building during this time? Is there a better date to sign the lease on between now and the 30th?

  • Mercury retrograde is a time for “re-doing” things… so a new lease in the same building sounds okay, I would say.

  • Great essay! I love the Venus Santeria ritual. I’m guessing it’s adapted from Caroline Casey’s book, “Making the Gods Work for You”? That’s where I first encountered it, and have wanted to try it ever since.

    I need to find a summer job. I wonder if I should send Venus a little request…:)

  • It’s funny, as Mercury was retro in Gemini I found I could feel things but couldn’t articulate them. Retro in Taurus I’ve found that my thinking has got clearer. I instinctively took some time out for a couple of days and found myself intensely meditating on and then writing about Saturn. On a humourous note, I thought I’d managed to fix the problem with my internet connection by buying a new cable. I had one whole day of a stable connection then it’s back to on off, on off. I should know better *grin*

  • NR

    My favourite writer mentioned *me* in her blog! *doing a jig*


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