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When the Moon is Void-of-Course

The question: “What was that all about?”

The Moon is void-of-course: after it makes its last major aspect to another planet in its current sign;

It is (almost always) no longer void-of- course: when the Moon enters a New Sign. The rare exception is when the Moon will not make any major aspects to other planets while in a sign; then it’s immediately void-of-course upon entering the new sign.

After the Moon has finished making all of the planetary aspects it will make in its current sign, we say that she is void-of-course. (That’s “without a course” – not, “void… of course!”) The void-of-course period can last a few minutes or a day or more; it depends on the positions of the Sun and planets relative to the Moon. But there is a void-of-course Moon, of some length or other, every couple of days or so.

Some astrologers regard the void-of-course Moon period as a sort of mini-“day of rest.” Initiate nothing, say nothing, don’t lift a finger, they say, as though the void-of-course Moon were the Sabbath. This seems a bit impractical for busy people with lives to lead.

I wonder if it’s more helpful to regard the void-of-course Moon as a period when things sort of … continue. There is a momentum to the Moon’s two and a half day journey through a sign, a momentum that builds as the Moon grazes up against contentious or flowing aspects to other planets. And when that last aspect has sounded like a gong, we can stop in our tracks to listen to the reverberation, or we can ride along on the sound waves.

You won’t be traveling through this particular area of the emotional landscape for another 28 days. So while the Moon is void-of- course, savor the reverberations of the Moon’s journey here. Pause if you can, but move on to new things if you must; just understand that it’s likely they’ll reverberate at the same pitch as the old things.