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When the MOON is in Scorpio

See the column to the right for today’s Moon sign. This text is for days when the Moon is in Scorpio.

  • Today’s Question: “What’s really going on?”
  • Today’s Gods: Mars, God of war; and Pluto, Lord of the Underworld.
  • Today’s Guides: serpents, eagles, hypnotists, undertakers, accountants, therapists, mercenaries.
  • Celebrity Docents: Robert Kennedy, Walter Cronkite, Jodie Foster, Bill Gates, Pablo Picasso, Margaret Atwood, Carl Sagan, Martin Scorsese, Pres. John Adams, Nadia Comaneci, Leonardo DiCaprio, Peter Jackson, Hillary Clinton, Sylvia Plath, Billy Graham, Jonas Salk, Claude Monet, Joni Mitchell, Sojourner Truth.
  • Today’s assignments: Perceive, confront, and transcend.

Before the discovery of Pluto, planetary rulership of Scorpio belonged to Mars, the warrior planet. Like Mars-ruled Aries, Scorpio is valiant and never backs down from a fight. But unlike Aries, which is a sign of ferocious open warfare but less attuned to emotional subtleties, Scorpio perceives the invisible battlefield as well – a minefield of every dark feeling, thought, or deed of which man is capable – and must find the courage to face it all.

When the Moon is moving through Scorpio, dragons need slaying. Some of them are outside of you, but the scariest live in your own heart. Today, if you don’t feel equal to the task of wrestling your demons, it’s not the end of the world; you’ll have other chances. But in the meantime, don’t let your fears, and the terrible discomfort of vulnerability, provoke you into attacking others for their own frailties. Before letting loose with Scorpio’s legendary sting, examine why you’re doing it. Sometimes it’s simply easier to attack others instead of our own problems – or worse still, to let our emotions ice over, or to give in to cynicism.

Mostly, though, Scorpio days are passionate ones, as Scorpio Bonnie Raitt reminds us: