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Roadblocks and detours

The Sun will oppose Saturn in a few days, and it’s interesting to watch how things are grinding…to…a…halt. Emails – even spam – have slowed to a trickle. Projects are on hold. It’s hard for me to focus on work.

I’m pampering my back; as a Leo, it’s my weak spot, and it often gives out during Sun/Saturn transits. I’m also fighting a rising, Saturnine sense of futility – over politics, my work, all kinds of things.

A Sun/Saturn transit is quick, only felt for a few days either side of the exact aspect. A short-term street repair project that blocks your normal transit route and detours you for a few days. In short, no biggie. What’s worrying me a little, though, is an impending conjunction of Saturn to my natal Sun, a much lengthier and more serious proposition. The other day, craving hope, I took a sneak-peek at my next solar return chart in August. What I found was the molecular opposite of hope: Sun conjunct Saturn, Moon conjunct Pluto. Yikes!

So I’m observing the next few days with great interest, as a microcosm of what the near future might bring. I’m reminding myself of all the things I tell clients during Saturn transits: do the work and make the sacrifices, and Saturn will ultimately reward you for being a good child. And I’m shoring up my spine: I’m going to need it.