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New Moon in Gemini: A World in Motion

newmoon-gemini-300Some people have a knack for language. Perceptive and quick, they’ve been kissed by Gemini and his Mercury ruler, knighted with the rapier of wit. Like birds or bees, they flit from person to person, situation to situation, in an eager dance of verbal cross-pollination.

Gemini’s children have a love of words that borders on the insatiable. But a way with words does not guarantee that you’ve got anything much to say. And it certainly doesn’t solve an even larger problem, which is that not everything can be communicated easily through language.

This dilemma is at the crux of the Gemini New Moon in a nearly precise square to Neptune in Pisces, the planet of dreams in the sign of the ineffable. Gemini effortlessly converts the world of ideas into language and communicates it readily, joyfully; Pisces finds language somewhat inadequate for expressing the enormity and subtlety of its feeling nature. So Gemini and Pisces generally have to struggle to understand one another; but when they find common ground, they produce beautiful prose, poetry, art, music.

Both are restless, mutable signs, though, so assuming you can get the them to agree on something that needs to be said, good luck getting them to sit still long enough to get it said. Sitting still for hours, facing a screen or scratching a pen across a tablet, or composing a song or a sonnet, can make Gemini, in particular, feel like a bird in a cage. Movement, oxygen, and variety bring Gemini happiness, and more than most signs, she chafes under constriction. One tends to imagine that writing is pretty much the same as readingrelaxed, absorbingbut it’s entirely different, and surprisingly difficult.

I’ve often heard that writers need to have some kind of connection in their charts between Mercury/Gemini and Saturn. One might have an aspect between Mercury and Saturn, or Saturn in the third house, or Saturn in Gemini. Within a writer, there must be a delightful bird—but also, a cage. And ideally a little Neptune, and the desire to give voice to the things that mean the most to us but can be hard to express.

Just before the last Full Moon, I was approached to write my third book, and a few days ago I signed the contract. It’s the best moment of any new enterprise, the space between the offer and the commitment. The offer is all about possibility and being wanted, and the commitment is the moment when the door of the cage slams after you, and you enter a sort of 12th house/Pisces realm of confinement.

Born with the Moon in Gemini, I love almost nothing as much as I love words. Yet nothing makes me yearn to leave the house more than the feeling that I should be sitting at my desk, slapping words together. Normally I don’t spend much time hanging out in cafes, but when I’m working on a book I itch to distance myself from the delightful distractions of cats, email, and laundry.

Apparently, it’s a condition universal among writers. When Amtrak recently announced a residency program for 24 lucky writers, Facebook exploded with excitement. And why not? The thought of “writing” the rails for hours on end, with nothing to do but watch the scenery go and tap away at the laptop sounds like writer’s heaven. It’s so much less painful to write while in motion – or while the world is, which is why you’ll find so many writers sitting in cafes, watching the world pass by, dreaming of Amtrak.

If Gemini’s children can’t move, we have to at least watch movement.

In the first five months of this year, movement has been hard to come by. Astrologers have feverishly documented every difficult aspect, every eclipse, every retrograde. And yes, after a sequence of Venus retrograde, then Mercury, then Mars, all since December, we’re back to where we started, when on June 7 when Mercury turns retrograde yet again.

But I’m of the belief that the universe isn’t punitive in nature, and that it is in fact designed to give us precisely the opportunities we need to have exactly the experiences that will make us everything we could be. This many fast-moving planets in retrograde motion, for months in a row, must be telling us something. To slow down and reconsider before we act, perhaps. To read the fine print. To reclaim territory that we ceded too soon. To revel in slowness, in stillness.

Gemini blended with Pisces is a songbird who craves constant movement. But from time to time, as when Mercury is retrograde, you’ll catch him in repose. Recently, a Black Phoebe has gotten into the habit of sitting on the fence outside my office at various times throughout the day, quiet and still, peering at me through the window while I peck away, almost motionless, in my little cage. My restless Gemini Moon is happy to see him, but I wonder what brings him to that spot, day after day. I wonder whether he’s composing something, and whether the creative process of a creature who is so often in motion is inspired by stillness and focus.

I imagine that is the lesson of the first half of this retrograde year—that a world in constant motion must slow down from time to time while we get our bearings. So jump on a train or take a walk or catch a plane if it helps you finish your book or study for your exam. But don’t overlook the possibility that in the month ahead, some of the sweetest creative notions may find you only when you’re sitting still, focusing on the things that don’t much change.

© 2014 by April Elliott Kent

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10 comments to " New Moon in Gemini: A World in Motion "

  • Just lovely !

    I have an inconjunction from Saturn 2nd to Mercury 9th, with Sag’ on the 2nd and Cap’ on the 3rd cusps. Always been a travelling, cafe writer myself. I get performance anxiety when I force myself onto the desk and chair here in relative seclusion to write lengthy articles. Mercury is in Cancer, which is poetic and imagistic. I can indulge these successfully at the desk, but more Saturnian and organized material has to get started in the midst of others’ huzz and buzz. I used to park towers of tomes at a table in my college cafeteria for days at a time, where other friends would save my seat when I had to get to class, etc. I had a private carrell in the library, but used it to store my skates and extra winter clothing … more than ever doing any work !

  • Ana Maria Oliveira

    Sometimes we say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but a Gemini with ascendant Pisces (like myself) says: an image with the right words … does not leave room for any doubts! hehehehe
    I liked your article, April!

  • Inanna Selene

    Beautiful post. This is spooky, though — Maya Angelou just passed, sadly, and all I can think is: I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.

  • Loretta

    Well said. You have a wonderful way with words. Thank you for posting this. It is a wonderful reminder to slow down my restless Gemini spirit.

  • Dee

    Beautifully written Dear April. But, then again…I happen to have Jupiter in Gemini in the eleventh house. Congratulations of your book deal !

  • April, beautifully written. I have Mercury sextile Saturn in my chart – and more than a touch of Neptune. Gemini at IC, so I can’t get enough of words – they are the blocks that build my home. Nor can I get rid of em’ words via meditation. I hold the hope of being useful with these clunky building blocks & thank my lucky stars for all the challenges. Seeing what comes. Lovely post, you always compose your words like a true musician. – Ka (aka. Kaitelyn H.)

  • Julie

    April…So perfect, was just thinking about what a perfect day for Maya to advance into a Higher Realm …most are posting her poem I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings including Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes who was very good friends with her…which just fits perfect with your reflections on this New Moon in Gemini….my own part is I have just spent the last two weeks sitting at my desk which is a very hard thingy for me to do as I’m a gardener/outdoor person in nature, finishing my first children’s book after a years struggle to do so…WooHooo ! It is Ready for the World ! Saturn conjunct Mercury in Capricorn first house 00 and 02 degrees in my birth chart.

  • Steve

    Recently, I’ve bagged myself a (totally unpaid) job writing about new music for an influential blog and agree that writing is hard. I only have to do it a few times a year, but it’s surprisingly hard work. I write a daily journal for pleasure and do a lot of writing for work, so I didn’t expect it to be so tiring. I have Saturn (11th) square Mercury (9th).

    Otherwise I’m all about the retrogrades at the moment. I’m getting to the end of a major project and working on it has been like wading through treacle the last few months, but (and my Aries sun is not so happy about admitting this) I appreciate that I’ve got to pace myself. If I race to the finish line, I know there could be things I will have missed or I’ll arrive too exhausted to handle the actual important bit of showing it to the world. I can see the end now, at least!

    • It’s amazing how exhausting it is to write on deadline, but if it weren’t for that I’m not sure I’d get anything written at all. I’m actually kind of loving Mercury Rx for writing; it’s going slowly, but I’m able to slow down and be a little more thorough. That said, won’t it be awesome when July comes and we’re through with all these @#W$ing personal planet retrogrades??

  • Steve

    Oh yeah, and congrats on the book too!

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