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meltdown!Okay, last night, just as transiting Mars in Pisces exactly opposed my natal Mars in information-loving, technically proficient Virgo, my long-awaited Mars meltdown finally happened:

I sat down to check my email and my laptop computer began… smoking.

Immediately grasping the perilous nature of this turn of events, I quickly shut down the system, unplugged the laptop, and carefully backed away.

Jonny sprang into IT mode, contacting HP’s online customer support “chat” feature. It was clear that we weren’t dealing with your stand-issue bloodless techno-drone; when apprised of the situation, “Peter” offered his prognosis with the tenderness of a doctor delivering bad news to a patient’s family. “Jonny,” he typed, “I’m so sorry, but the problem appears to be connected with a hardware malfunction.” After verifying that our warranty had indeed expired, he indicated that nevertheless, due to the “delicacy” of the situation they would be sending someone out to repair the computer. “Don’t worry, Jonny,” Peter assured us, “We WILL take care of your computer!” Kind of sweet, really. Very nurturing.

Very… Mars in Pisces?

2 comments to " Meltdown! "

  • Yikes. A “hardware malfunction” – uh, ya – how long did it take him to figure that one out! Glad nobody was hurt. 😉 Hope it gets fixed fast.

  • Heh. Yeah, what a brain trust, huh? “It would appear, based on the smoke, that there is something *wrong* with your computer.” Ya THINK?

    It was kind of funny – when the customer service mucky-muck called me about the incident, she mentioned that they recommend people use these notebook computers on a flat surface rather than on their laps. On one’s lap, the so-called “laptop” computer is in constant danger of overheating. Oy.

    But yeah, it could have been worse!

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