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Me Meme

Ah, the meme: the best friend a chronically self-involved Leo ever had. Thanks for the tag, Barbara, trivia-loving Gemini of my heart; with my Moon in Gemini, I adore looking at lists of whatever is floating around in the psyches of my fellow bloggers. Here’s what’s hanging out in mine:

Things that scare me
Physical violence. Fascism. Airline travel. “Motherf*cking snakes on a motherf*cking plane!”

People who make me laugh
My husband, which is precisely why I married him. Joe Queenan. My brother and sister. Sarah.

Things I hate the most
People who insist on trying to control what other people believe. That’s MY job. I kid!

Things I don’t understand
The energy some people put into hating, deriding, and debunking astrology. We’re over here on the fringes of society, people; we pose absolutely no threat to your way of life. It’s not like we’re trying to mandate chart readings in your kids’ schools or something. Jeez; a friggin’ hurricane made the greater part of an entire American city disappear overnight while the president played guitar for a photo op and the secretary of state shopped for shoes… and ASTROLOGY is what’s getting your knickers in a twist? I have to question your priorities. Also: Wrestling. Reality TV. American Idol. Beer.

Things I’m doing right now
Figuring out if I want to do a podcast, and why in the world anyone would be interested in listening to it. Ideas?

Things I want to do before I die
Other than achieving total world domination? I’d like to fulfill my 9th house mandate and do some traveling. I’d particularly like to spend some time on Nantucket, where I apparently have family connections, and in Britain and Ireland, Italy, and South America – specifically Peru and Easter Island.

Things I can do
Play the guitar. Cook. Crochet. Spell and use punctuation in a reasonably coherent fashion. Type fast and take a little Gregg shorthand. Navigate the L.A. freeway system with aplomb and dexterity.

Things I can’t do
I can’t dance. Don’t ask me.

Ways to describe my personality
You could describe my personality as cheerful, sunny, optimistic, easy-going, and self-effacing. But you’d be lying.

Things I think you should listen to
Whatever makes you feel that anything is possible, that the human race is capable of great beauty, and that the world is an essentially worthwhile place. For me, this includes Garrison Keillor or Spalding Gray doing a monologue; Leo Kottke playing the guitar; Tony Bennett singing; Al Swearengen tellin’ it like it is.

Things you should never listen to
People who think they know better than you do about what is right for you. Unless it’s someone with impeccable bona fides who truly loves you and really knows you. Generally speaking, this does not include televangelists, politicians, or astrologers. You’re the ultimate authority about your life; the astrologer’s job is to help you sort out what you already know and maybe get a little perspective on it.

Things I’d like to learn
Knitting. Flash. How to play the piano. More Spanish. More history. Some kind of martial arts.

Favorite foods
I really love pasta, cheese, and anything salty and crunchy.

Beverages I drink regularly
Coffee, sparkling lemonade, and lots and lots of water.

Shows I watched as a kid
Dragnet. Underdog (“There’s no need to fear: Underdog is here!”). Rocky and Bullwinkle. I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. The Monkees. Mr. Ed. A bit later, The Waltons, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family.

More than you wanted to know? Fine. See what these good folks have to say:

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Other folks playing: Lynn, Nancy

4 comments to " Me Meme "

  • Thanks April, I enjoyed reading that.
    Ha ha ha, snakes on a plane – I know, I know! what’s going on there?
    And the podcast – well, this Gemini would be interested of course…

    Also thanks for your collection of articles you posted earlier. I am working my way through them. And I know what it takes to say ‘I wrote it and I like it’. I am still learning that one 🙂

  • Nancy

    I am addicted to podcasts. I would listen to anything you have to say.

    I loved the Waltons.

    It is fun reading everyone’s answers.
    I played, too.

  • I would listen to you, April!

  • April

    Barbara, re: snakes on a plane – what can I say, it’s a weird country over here! 🙂 It’s funny about the writing, isn’t it… sometimes you go back and look at something after a long absence and it’s almost as though someone else wrote it; suddenly it becomes much easier to love!

    Nancy and Jeff, thanks for the vote of confidence on the podcasting! I’m still mulling it over. I know I can’t do two hours a week like the guys over at, though. Yikes. But stay tuned… who knows what I might come up with, and it would be nice to have some fellow bloggers to interview. 😉

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