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Libra Full Moon: What Are You Hiding?

We’re not in the market for a new home, but my husband and I enjoy visiting open houses for sale in our neighborhood. This morning we toured a tiny but charming bungalow a few blocks away. Beautifully presented, it had been updated in a way that respected the vintage of the house. It was inspiring—exactly the kind of home tour I normally adore.

But I couldn’t wait to leave this one… because a trio of scented candles burned in every room of the house. They matched each room’s color scheme perfectly, and the effect of the flickering flames and soothing colors was lovely. But their fragrance was overpowering!

The owners were probably just trying to create a welcoming atmosphere. But I couldn’t help wondering what nasty smell might be lurking beneath that cloud of perfume.

This Full Moon (April 19, 4:12 am PDT) is at 29 degrees of Libra, a sign that is adept at making things lovely, nice, and fragrant. It’s the sign that symbolizes our ability to package ourselves in a pleasing way. People tend to like us better when they’re not forced to confront our coarse and strident humanity—our steely-eyed determination, pushy self-centeredness, and morning breath. Libra describes the social sensitivity and good manners that, like a scented candle (or a good toothpaste), mask some of our less pleasing qualities.

Go overboard with Libra, though, and people get suspicious. No one is that nice. Everyone has a bad day now and then. No one smiles all the time. Others might very well wonder, “Just what are you trying to hide?”

Society is pleasant when good manners and mutual sensitivity rule the day. But falseness is off-putting, and others sense it immediately. The challenge is to strike a balance between a pleasant demeanor and an authentic one.

Go overboard with Libra, though, and people get suspicious. No one is that nice. Everyone has a bad day now and then. No one smiles all the time. Others might very well wonder, “Just what are you trying to hide?”

The Aries Sun at this Full Moon is in a conjunction with Uranus; both are opposed the Moon in Libra, and all three are square Pluto in Capricorn. There are many conflicting impulses and needs bound up in this configuration; tension is likely to be high in the days around this Full Moon. Where do we turn for comfort and sanity?

In a configuration like this one, the tactic is similar to surviving any fast-moving disaster: move toward the empty space. The empty space in this cardinal sign cross lies opposite Pluto, in Cancer. It’s perfect astrological weather for nestling on the sofa with Netflix and the cat, for exulting in the sheer, indulgent, Cancerian bliss of being in your comfort zone.

We imagine that Libra demands that we always make nice and give in to others, but that’s not quite it. Libra simply asks that we balance the needs of one against the needs of another. With the Moon in my 7th house, Libra’s natural home, I spent much of my life trying too hard to buy affection with accommodation. The result was bad romances and failed friendships. It wasn’t until I reached my forties (and had a series of Pluto transits to my chart) that I realized just how much anger I’d stored up over all this false cheer and people-pleasing, and how much energy had gone into hiding that anger.

I’m a big fan of sensitivity and courtesy. But sometimes, you have to do the thing that is selfish and impolite. Say no. Skip the party. Ask for what you need. Relationships require that we walk the fine line between honoring our needs and respecting others, and there are times when you truly have no other choice than to put yourself first.

What are you hiding? A musty odor concealed by scented candles? A blotchy complexion covered by expensive liquid makeup? Resentment about putting others first too much of time, masked by a cheerful smile? I’m not suggesting we throw consideration for others out the window. But at this Full Moon, why not pull in the welcome mat for a few days, light some unscented candles, and throw a little more consideration in your own direction?

©2015-2024  April Elliott Kent

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6 comments to " Libra Full Moon: What Are You Hiding? "

  • “… tension is likely to be high in the days around this Full Moon.”

    Yup! 🙂

  • Rhea

    Glad you are feeling better.
    You forgot to mention hiding the hairy bits.!!
    I don’t think Iv ever heard you say. “My husband and I” before. Really Nice
    Have lots of eggs.

  • Why are cats so analogous to comfort? I’m waiting for one to adopt me, as they DO manage to find their way “home”, the opportunists that they are.
    Lovely report, April. Thank you.

  • Janel

    Well, it seems like the stars are reflecting what is going on politically now, too. A lot of attempts at coverup these past couple of years, (really stinky). But now the outing.

  • Sherry

    Hoping your cold doesn’t get the better of you. Perhaps trying some Echinacea in your regiment is called for here.
    Yes, April, I think we can all relate to everything being a “buzz” in our lives, only to be let down and have held in disappointments in those people who gave us false hope. I seem to go through that every 10 years or so, not pinning down the planet, sign or aspect of such nature. Perhaps you can let me in on that secret! 😉 However, I’ve learned to throw myself into hobbies I love to do, whether they be outdoors or in…a variety is best.
    Libra is the perfect time for self balance and gettin’ yourself in spiritual shape. For this Libra full moon, I did a Chakra alignment with sound bowls, gemstones and special perfume an hour before I went to sleep. I slept with contentment and arose the same.
    Wishing you all some self love and care

  • Sandra Williams

    Oh wow, April. You nailed it (as usual), but this one hit home. Easter saw me finally pull in the welcome mat, albeit a bit late, and I let some of the anger hit its rightful target, but I did have the southern courtesy to not get nasty about it – just frank. Being an Aries, playing Libra is a stretch and four hours in, I finally got stretched 180 back to Aries! LOL Never looked to see what Pluto was up to! Love the way you ‘splain things – always makes everyday sense.

    Hope your cold has turned warm and sunshine lights up the day for you.

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