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Mars in LeoI don’t know about y’all, but Mars finally entering Leo last Friday – after that looooong, sulky passage through Cancer – certainly seems to have kick-started my energy level. Last week nearly did me in; much work to get finished, guests to get ready for (including the divine Kelly), and a lecture to finish preparing for the San Diego Astrological Society. It’s not that I don’t enjoy speaking; I was a friggin’ Communication major, after all. I just don’t do it often enough to be as smooth as I’d like, and I’ve had to prepare new talks for the purpose of promoting this book. So, it’s a lot of work. And I wasn’t getting a lot of sleep, which added to the delight.

But Kelly’s visit was a real treat. If you ever get a chance to meet this lady or, in particular, to see her present a lecture or class, don’t pass it up. She knows her stuff, she’s poised and articulate, and on top of all that she’s fun, fun, fun. So we goofed off and ate chocolate and pizza and I gave her a three point whistle-stop tour of San Diego, and basically it kept my nerves from getting over-jangled for the Friday talk. In the end, the lecture (just hours after Mars switched signs) went well, I sold some books, and a good time seemed to be had by all.

The divine Kelly left us on Saturday, en route to UAC, and yesterday Jonny and I spent the day shopping, hiking by the river, and taking the trolley downtown for an impromptu lunch. Thus relaxed, restored, and fortified, I greet the week ahead with more energy than I’ve had in ages. Good thing, too: I’ve got lots of catching up to do, a workshop to plan for next month, and the next round of guests arrives on Friday.

How about you – feelin’ frisky?

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  • If I told you what we did tonight in the name of frisky, your journal would never recover. 😉

  • I dunno. I think Big Sky Astroblog is pretty sturdy. It can handle a little dirtyness.

    Leo’s mostly in my 12th, so I’m not feeling much friskiness. Or maybe I’m just not conscious of it. I’m impatient, yes, but that’s just my usual nature.

    Maybe when Mars opposes my Aquarian Moon I’ll get catty.

  • Ack – don’t you dare, Maria! Whatever is even more prudish than Virgo, I’ve got plenty of it in my chart. You must enjoy having such an easily shockable friend. 😉

    I guess Mars’ll conjunct half my chart eventually and that’s when Jeff will come after me with his Mars/Moon claws out. Careful messin’ with the big cat, baby!

  • Hee hee! If Jeff only knew. 😀 I treasure my easily shockable friends because they make me feel all the more wicked.

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