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Highlights Nov. 5-11, 2018

Godfather at the revolution

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The Sun makes a trine aspect to Neptune this week (Nov. 5, 10:40 pm) on the Sabian Symbol, Telephone linesmen at work installing new connections, which evokes one of my very favorite records. Never was a song more filled with high lonesome longing than Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman;” it epitomizes the delicious pain of yearning and nostalgia that I’ve come to associate with Neptune. But Neptune this week is on 14 Pisces, A lady wrapped in fox fur. The Wichita Lineman may be longing for his far-away love… “I need you more than want you / and I want you for all time,” but he’s not quitting the job that keeps him from her. And the object of his longing, wrapped in her fox fur, is self-contained, self-satisfied, well cared for.

There’s something weirdly pleasant about longing. If we’re being honest, there are times we might prefer it to actually having our wishes granted. It’s safer. When planets connect with Neptune, the question is: what’s for real, and what’s wishcraft? And which are we really longing for?

“I didn’t know then what I wanted, but the ache for it was palpable.”
Sue Monk Kidd, The Mermaid Chair

NNovember 6, election day in the U.S., throbs with revolutionary spirit. All on this day, Uranus retrogrades back into Aries (10:58 am) and squares the Lunar Nodes (9:57 am), which on this date are entering Cancer and Capricorn (10:09 am) for the first time in 9 years.

The Sabian Symbols for 30 Cancer/Capricorn, the Nodal positions on this date, couldn’t be more vivid for an election day: A daughter of the American revolution and A secret meeting of men responsible for world affairs. I don’t specialize in mundane (world affairs) astrology, and I won’t hazard a prediction as to outcomes. But the astrology of this midterm election day is remarkable. And coming on the day the lunar nodes (often regarded the axis of evolution) enter the signs of the U.S. Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto, it’s clear this election is as pivotal as they come.

Now, if I were a betting woman, the Sabian Symbol for the Scorpio New Moon (Nov. 7, 8:02 am), A girl’s face breaking into a smile, would suggest an outcome beneficial  to women. Jupiter at 29.48 Scorpio is precisely trine the Moon’s North Node at 29.48 Cancer at this New Moon; regardless of any election outcomes, it’s easy to imagine that they ultimately support a Cancer/Scorpio ethos of ferocious caring.                        

“Her smile, I’m sure, burnt Rome to the ground.”
Mark Z. Danielewski


Jupiter enters its own sign, Sagittarius on Nov. 8 (4:38 am) for a year-long stay. We are told Jupiter is the Greater Benefic, and raised on Hollywood movies that hew toward happy endings—however unlikely—we imagine Jupiter as a fairy godfather who appears at the last minute to save the world from disaster.

Maybe it’s more helpful to regard Jupiter as symbolic of justice, which is positive but not exactly the same as happiness. During its journey through Scorpio (since Oct. 10, 2017), Jupiter has not been a fairy godfather so much as Vito Corleone, The Godfather. Corleone had a strong sense of justice, though his methods of achieving that justice were often bloody. He was the court of last resort for those who couldn’t secure justice any other way. This year’s intense wave of sexual abuse revelations and women’s cries for  justice—most fitting for Jupiter in Scorpio—hasn’t been a pleasant process, but it is definitely an effort toward justice.

(In your own chart, it will be revealing to consider the house(s) that Jupiter has been transiting since it entered Scorpio last October. Where have you personally confronted injustice or loss?)

Jupiter in Sagittarius (through Dec. 2, 2019) demands justice and broader inclusiveness in areas ruled by that sign: lawmaking and religious institutions, academia, and foreign powers, among others. Jupiter has a twelve-year cycle through the zodiac, spending about a year in each sign; it most recently entered Sagittarius on Nov. 23, 2006, Dec. 9, 1994, Dec. 1982. By reviewing those time periods, and keeping in mind which house(s) of your chart connect with Sagittarius, you should be able to glean insights into what the next year holds in store for you personally. This is where you are likely to embrace the courage of your convictions and to act on your most heartfelt beliefs and wishes.

 The future is an infinite succession of presents, and to live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory.” ― Howard Zinn


In recent weeks, Venus and Mars have been at odds. This week, we see a rapprochement of sorts between them. Venus, still retrograde, has edged back into her home sign of Libra and is trine Mars in Aquarius this week (Nov. 9, 7:12 am). No guarantees, but if you’re hoping to reestablish diplomatic relations with anyone, particularly those with whom you’ve fallen out in the past couple of months, this is as good an opportunity as you’ll find until January 18.


The Crescent Moon (begins Nov. 11, 3:48 am), which begins in early Capricorn and conjoined Saturn, suggests that recent victories need to be built upon with diligent action, not a lot of backslapping and congratulations. The Crescent symbolizes the moment of dawning awareness after a time of darkness. It’s the most beautiful and photogenic of the lunar phases, and the Crescent time of month marks the moment when we leave the comfortable darkness of complete introversion and outward focus returns, often with a vengeance.

A few hours later, the Sun in Scorpio forms a sextile aspect with Pluto in Capricorn (Nov. 11, 7:21 am). The sextile represents an opportunity, introduction, or piece of information coming your way. Take it up, put a little effort into it, and something that has been your personal preoccupation could put you in a position of influence and power. Just remember: sometimes, you have to be willing to say “no” to something that isn’t right for you in order to take advantage of opportunities that are.

“Be on guard. The road widens, and many of the detours are seductive.”
David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

©2018 April Elliott Kent

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  • ChiQ

    You’re awesome!

  • Melissa

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your magical writing! There is so much to love already. Xoxo

  • Mackenzie Greer

    I always love the care you put into your weekly and new/full moon posts, April!
    thanks always.

  • Dawn

    Thank you, April/Big Sky, for your beautiful, exceptional blog. Thanks also for giving a nod to the haunting “Wichita Lineman”. I had not heard or thought about this profound song for a very long time. Listening to it again (and again) I was struck by the sublime poetry, the smooth double-entendre, the poignant emotional punch.

    Then I realized the Medicine Man nature of it all. I perceived what a shamanic therapeute the Wichita Lineman, personified by Glen Campbell, is. Songwriter Jimmy Webb recounts the inspiration of seeing the lonely silhouette of a lineman at work on the wide open Plains. As widely interpreted, the lyrics represent a work/love high wire quandary. It has been called “the first existential country song.”

    And yet, one cannot, as most apparently do, discount the genius loci or “protective spirit” of the place, Wichita. The Lineman Glen Campbell becomes the manifestation of Wichita Mythological Spirit Kiarsidia (Man-With-The-Power-To-Carry-Light or Having-Power-to-carry-Light. (“Native Languages of the Americas: Wichita Indian Legends, Myths, and Stories,” “The first man, created by Kinnekasus, who taught the Wichita men the secrets of hunting. He became the Morning Star.”

    The Wichita Lineman, “searchin’ in the sun for another overload [damaged soul?]….is still on the line [watching o’er].” The traditional Sun Dance is instructive. According to Wikipedia “The sun dance is a ceremony practised by some Indigenous people of United States of America and Canada, primarily those of the Plains cultures. It usually involves the community gathering together to pray for healing. Individuals make personal sacrifices on behalf of the community.”

  • Denise

    The Sabian symbols you cited were pretty much right on target for the election results. I am wondering about the CA fires and Uranus retro into Aries again.

  • April, You are a Gift to each of us who enjoy your beautifully presented astrological forecasts!

    Thank You April!! Thank you for sharing your amazing devotion and talents!

    I appreciate your helping us to better understand astrology while keeping it interesting and fun!


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