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Highlights for June 15-21, 2020: Authentic


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Mercury turns retrograde this week (June 17, 2020, 9:59 pm PDT). But you’ve likely been experiencing some of Mercury retrograde’s legendary delays and frustrations since it entered its retrograde shadow period on June 2. Whatever you’re done since then is especially ripe for redoing, or at least reviewing, through the end of July.

For me, it’s been such an intensely busy time that I absolutely relate to the Sabian Symbol for 15 Cancer, the retrograde degree: A group of people who have overeaten and enjoyed it. That is, I can definitely identify with the “overeaten” part; and I’ve mostly enjoyed it, though I would have done so a bit more had I gotten a little more rest.

Have you been overdoing it over the past couple of weeks? Here’s a chance to pull back a little, to crawl into a summertime shell of books and favorite foods, and maybe a few phone calls with people who mean a lot to you.


A few planetary developments this week call into question what is authentic and what’s false. As Mars sextiles Pluto (June 18, 4:08 pm PDT), the planet of anger opens a dialogue with the planet of power. Mars is on the Sabian Symbol, The purging of the priesthood, a call to rid society of false prophets and authorities with questionable morals.

It seems connected with the Sun’s opposition to the South Node (June 19, 4:37 pm PDT), from the degree symbol The pope blessing the faithful. Since this is the South Node, we know that this symbol represents what should be released: namely, fealty to any authorities in our lives who don’t represent our highest beliefs.

Bathing beauties

Meanwhile, the Sun makes a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node on the Sabian symbol, Bathing beauties. As Jen pointed out in a recent episode of our podcast, there’s something unsettlingly false about this image, evoking the skimpy swimsuits, overdone hair and makeup of a beauty pageant.

But since it’s the symbol of the North Node, we can trust something about it. And I think it can be summed up in the Mars sextile Jupiter the next day, when Jupiter is on 26 Capricorn, A water sprite. This collage features one of my favorites images, of three happy, unpretentious friends splashing through the tidepools and laughing. Now those are bathing beauties worth celebrating. Mars is the planet of pursuit and Jupiter the planet of plenty, and the sextile brings them together in an invitation to pursue real friendship, natural beauty, and laughter. These have been in short supply in recent months; but this week, let’s put a little effort into reviving them.

True colors

It’s not unprecendented to have a Solar Eclipse (June 20, 2020, 11:41 pm PDT) on the day of the Cancer Solstice (June 20, 2:44 pm). In fact, you need only go back to June 21, 2001 and June 21, 1982 for recent examples (and those times might be instructive about what you should be looking for now in your own life).

It is significant, though. In the Northern Hemisphere, this solstice marks the longest day of the year and the Sun’s maximum elevation in the midday sky. The power of the Sun – symbol of authorities, monarchs, leaders, even parents – is at its height. And then, within hours, will be eclipsed.

Court astrologers have always watched Solar Eclipses closely as an ill portent for those in power. And because the Moon casts its shadow on the Sun at a Solar Eclipse, there is an irrationality to what follows.

The degree of this eclipse is square Mars – angry, angry Mars. Do you know anyone right now who isn’t a lot angrier than usual? You can still find splashes of giddy laughter and warm tenderness, but you’re never quite sure when it might turn, in an instant, to a knife fight.

This Solstice is one of two annual signals that it’s time to stop in our tracks. Pull over to the side of the road and rest your eyes for a few minutes. Curl up on the couch for a quick nap. Cancer is the sign of the Mother – so find a photo of the fiercest, proudest, most genuinely kind woman you’ve ever know; look into her eyes, and remember all that she taught you.

This eclipse is at Cancer’s first degree, and the symbol A flag furled and unfurled and displayed from a vessel. We’re remembering lately – and in particular, during this week – that we have to be genuine and true to ourselves. And that it’s necessary to display our true colors, the ones that best signify who we are and what we stand for. The very best of all the qualities we were given by that proud, inspiring woman – and by all of our mothers, regardless of whether they’re related to us by blood.

Writing and collages © 2020 April Elliott Kent

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  • April, I always love how you connect astrology to real life and this post was especially meaningful to me, as a double Cancer. Thank you for the insights and the artistic way you always illustrate your points!

  • As an artist myself (among other things) I particularly love your collages/illustrations… they engage me.

    And I always very much enjoy your very sensible writing. I fell in love with astrology in my teens, back in the early 60’s… it’s come a long way since then in its ‘interface’ with the public and I find your presentations rather particularly comfortable.

    Thank you!

  • Heather McDonald-Sand

    This post resonates so strongly with me. I love this!

  • GabrielleB

    Always a treat reading your insightful work April. Thank you.

  • Fiona B

    Hello April I always look forward to your posts as you pack so much into them and write so eloquently. Thankyou for sharing your amazing insight.

  • Annie Yakutis

    “Do you know anyone right now who isn’t a lot angrier than usual? You can still find splashes of giddy laughter and warm tenderness, but you’re never quite sure when it might turn, in an instant, to a knife fight.” These sentences, the tone, the accuracy, the beauty! Many thanks.

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