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Free downloads

These free downloads are available as pdf files. There are two ways to save them on your device:
Right-click on the “download” link and select ‘Save link as’ or “Save target as”, then select the location on your computer where you’d like to save the file. Or, click on link to open document in a new window, then use your browser’s “Save as” button.

Cheatsheet: Quick Guide to Planetary Aspects

This one-sheet table helps you find major aspects between planets based on their sign placement! It’s a quick and easy reference for students who are having trouble spotting planetary aspects in a chart.

Download here!


E-booklet: Job Hunting By The Moon

Assuming you’ve got a fantastic resume, have done your research, and don’t walk into appointments with grime under your fingernails, how can you stand out from the competition? Basic astrology – specifically, the sign and aspects of the Moon – can help you make a strong impression and improve your chances of landing a great job.

Download here!


E-booklet: The Sun is Where Your Heart Is

In astrology, the Sun symbolizes aspiration, the desire to reach our ultimate potential. But rather than earning our Sun sign’s gifts from the outside world, what if we carry the seeds of their potential within us from the moment we’re born?

Download here!