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Episode 86 | The Cancer Solstice (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

April and Jen take the 405 and exit at the Cancer Solstice – where they belong! We also welcome a Virgo First Quarter Moon, sit tight while Saturn squares Uranus for the second of three times, and raise a glass to Jupiter turning retrograde. Plus: our favorite songs from 1986, happy reviews, and Jen (finally) reminds April to move to Minneapolis (again!).

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00:30 – Our favorite songs of 1986! April’s top choices are “Holding Back the Years” by Simply Red, and “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Jen loves Madonna’s “Live to Tell” (it’s April-approved!) and Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know?” . (.

06:00 – Saturn, at 13.06 Aquarius, squares Uranus in Taurus (June 14) for the second of three times. (The first one was Feb. 17; the last one is Dec. 24.) Saturn tries to constrain; Uranus tries to break free. We first discussed this in . (And do enjoy The Californians on SNL.!)

10:53 – This week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by Bernard Charles, The Color Mage! Check out his color therapy card decks. Here’s April’s “Magestic” card!

by The Color Mage

14:30 – *MOONWATCH * This week brings a First Quarter Moon (FQM) at 27.09 Virgo (June 17/18) on the Sabian symbol, “A bald-headed man.” (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) The Sun sits on 28 Gemini, “A man declared bankrupt.” Time to take action! This FQM brings us back to Sept. 2020 and to the Gemini New Moon eclipse from last week. ()

19:14 – Mercury retrograde (Rx) in Gemini rules this FQM. Look to the past for the key to the action you’re invited to take.

20:20 – Jupiter turns Rx at 2.11 Pisces (June 20) on the symbol, “A petrified forest.” The King has been direct since Sep. 12, 2020, and last turned Rx May 14, 2020.

26:18 – The Sun enters Cancer: It’s the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere, and the Winter Solstice down under (June 20, 8:32 pm PDT)! And if you’d like to hear even more about the Cancer Solstice and receive our exclusive episode, donate $5 or more by clicking on the podcasters below – it includes a year’s worth of top-secret content! Thank you!

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3 comments to " Episode 86 | The Cancer Solstice (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!) "

  • I’m right there with you on In Your Eyes… I think I could probably sing it by heart. But I was also crazy about Walk This Way… love the “energy” of it.. and screaming along with it, naturally.

    • April

      Yep, that’s a great one, V – spent lots of time screaming along with the original 1970s version when I was in high school! 😀

  • DebK

    Ahh…1986…a year of great things! Music, my high school graduation, & my sagittarius baby girl closing it out!

    I’m struggling to not leave my top 2(hundred)!
    “In Your Eyes” is still & will probably be forever one of those ‘all alone on that island’ songs.
    Gosh. So many that year. WHAM *&* George Michael. Genesis *&* Peter Gabriel *&* Phil Collins.
    Plus all the “Old Greats!” James Brown. Tina Turner. Stevie Wonder.

    Okay – Maybe these weren’t my all-time faves then, but (oh my goodness) I had no idea the memories that these would be the soundtrack of for the next 30+ years! ( 😳 30?!)

    Picks for ’86!
    “No One Is To Blame” by Howard Jones
    “Something About You” by Level 42 (the answer to everything!)

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