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Episode 81 | Taurus New Moon & Jupiter in Pisces: A Whale of a Show!

Show Notes for Episode 81 (5/10/2021)

081 | Taurus New Moon & Jupiter in Pisces: A Whale of a Show!

April and Jen don their leg warmers as the biggest planet of all – Jupiter – splashes into Pisces this week! Also: a grounding Taurus New Moon beckons us to consider our values; curious Mercury joins up with the North Node, then brainstorms with Saturn; watery workhorse Mars receives an opportunity from Uranus; and the Sun continues to dream with Neptune. Plus: Our favorite songs from 1981!

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00:30 – One of us wore high-tops of different colors in 1981 – who can it be now? Surely it was a lovely day as we wore our shoulder pads, feeling like geniuses of love, and singing at the top of our lungs, “Don’t stand so close to me!” (To enjoy all of our favorites from the 80s, check out our YouTube playlist! And if you’d like to tell us about your own favorite tunes from 1981, leave a comment below!)

04:44 – Be curious! Mercury conjuncts the Lunar North Node (May 10) at 10.45 Gemini, on the Sabian symbol, “A new path of realism in experience.” It’s a good time for reading, writing, journaling, being open-minded, and letting go of thinking we know everything. (Review the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal polarity in Episode 24, Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Nodes for Grasshoppers. And learn more about the nodes in Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses!)

07:57 – This week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by our non-imaginary sponsor: Victoria Pendragon! Check out her personal natal chart paintings!

09:52 – **MOONWATCH ** There’s a New Moon at 21.17 Taurus this week (May 11)! This NM is on the symbol, “A white dove over troubled waters,” which references peace, overcoming troubles, and offering resolutions! As always, this kicks off a 2.5-year lunar phase family and in 9 months, we will see the opening act of a story that is beginning now around Taurus themes of security, confidence, well-being, finances, and self-worth. What story is starting for you? What do you value?

12:27 – The compacted soil gets some air: This New Moon is ruled by Venus in Gemini. It’s a great time for intention-setting – write it down!

15:08 – Eclipse season will soon be here: Sign up for April’s free eclipse webinar! (Eclipses often signal a change that you didn’t see coming. Want to learn about how the eclipses impact your personal birth chart? You can find April’s exclusive Followed by a Moonshadow Eclipse report on her website! It’s a goodie!)

16:29 – Mars in Cancer sextiles Uranus at 11.19 Taurus (May 11). If you experienced sudden changes back in January (when the planet of action joined up with the planet of surprises), especially related to work, this week may bring a lead or opportunity to move in a new work direction. (Revisit Episode 65, Mars, Uranus, and Revisiting the US Pluto Return for more on that conjunction.)

19:05 – Buckle down! Mercury, at 13.25 Gemini, trines Saturn in Aquarius (May 12). The planet of communication is on the symbol, “A conversation by telepathy.” The school principal of the zodiac is on, “A train entering a tunnel.” This is a great time for mental focus!

20:28 – Time to float: The Sun, at 22.41 Taurus, sextiles Neptune in Pisces (May 12). This continues a cycle that began March 10th (listen to Episode 72, Pisces New Moon: Kitchen Cats and Angular Houses for more). Neptune is on the Sabian symbol, “A Spiritist Phenomena.” This planetary combo offers us a branch, as the unseen parts of life are grounded in reality. We’re getting our sea legs!

22:31 – It’s story time: Why mention when the planets first met up? A narrative unfolds, and it always starts when two planets meet. We revisit this narrative over and over throughout a period of weeks, months, or years, depending on the two planets involved!

23:20 – Is it a whale or a fish? Jupiter enters Pisces (May 13 – July 28)! This is an 11-week sneak preview of coming attractions (when Jupiter enters Pisces “for real” on Dec. 28, 2021). The planet of abundance makes it to 2.11 Pisces and then turns retrograde on June 20; it continues backwards and re-enters Aquarius July 28. It will go all the way back to 22.19 Aquarius and then turns direct on October 17.

24:08 – Jupiter has a 12-year cycle and spends roughly a year in each sign. It was previously in Pisces from Jan. 17, 2010 – June 5, 2010 and also from Sep. 8, 2010 – Jan. 22, 2011. What was happening in your life then?

24:41 – Jupiter represents optimism and broadening our horizons. It is where we want to grow and experience new things and take chances! In Pisces, we want to feel life has meaning, and that we are growing spirituality. Pay attention to what themes come up for you over this 11-week period! What inspires you? What’s your dream? Are you feeling this whale of a planet? (Wondering what Jupiter in Pisces means for you? Book a reading with April!)

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  • Hi April and Jen,

    I love listening to your podcast!!
    I payed huge attention to the last full moon in April, our cat got seriously wounded and at the vet’s it was very busy and several pets had been seriously hurt that day.
    I keep listening!


    • April

      Annika, I hope your kitty is recovering! And an interesting observation about the business at the vet’s office. Take care and thanks for listening!
      xoxo April

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