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Episode 79 | Scorpio Full Moon: Bust Out Your Cape!

079 | Scorpio Full Moon: Bust Out Your Cape!
(April 26, 2021)

April and Jen embrace the month of May and an unpredictable Full SuperMoon in Scorpio! It’s a dramatic week in the skies, as Pluto scans for connections while turning retrograde, Mercury and Venus heed Neptune’s siren call, and the Sun pairs up with Uranus in a surprising spring bouquet. Plus: April’s first time on stage, magic beans, and… whoever thought the beginning of summer was May 1 surely didn’t live in Minneapolis!

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00:30 – Lady April and her pal Jen wish you all a Happy Beltane season!

03:15 – **MOONWATCH ** This week’s dramatic Full Moon is at 7°06’ Scorpio (April 26/27) on the Sabian symbol “The Moon shining across a lake.” The Sun is in Taurus on “A sleigh without snow.” There is a gimungous T-square in this chart (Sun/Uranus/Venus/Mercury opposed Full Moon) which could be exciting, stressful, or both; all four will square Saturn. This Full Moon is connected to a New Moon from Oct 27, 2019; what story was happening for you then? This is the point in the cycle where more is revealed. (Of course, this is also connected to the New Moon in Aries from two weeks ago: Episode 76, Aries New Moon: An 8-Track Mind.)

08:36 – The T-square from this Full Moon finds its release point in Leo. If you feel “off” or uncentered during this tense and unpredictable time, look for healthy ways to express yourself: paint, listen to music, write, have fun with friends, spend time with pets, or do something creative! Plus, look! Up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Supermoon!

12:31 – Pluto is unaspected and therefore prominent in the Full Moon chart, and turns retrograde at 26°48’ Capricorn (April 27) on the much-talked about symbol, “A mountain pilgrimage.” (Review Episode 76, Aries New Moon: An 8-Track Mind for more on that one!) How do you deal with downturns and reversals, after you’ve worked very hard to build something up? (We previously discussed Pluto retrograde on Episode 22, Taurus New Moon and Venus Gone Wild. And to review unaspected planets, listen to one of our most popular episodes, Episode 53, Our Taurus Full Moon Halloween Spooktacular!)

16:16 – Mercury, at 22°21 Taurus, sextiles Neptune in Pisces (April 29/30). Venus, at 22°26 Taurus, then follows suit (May 2). The planets in the sign of the bull are on the symbol “A jewelry shop” while Neptune, in the sign of interconnectedness, is on “Spiritist phenomena.” These aspects speak to opportunities for our strongest talents and skills (Mercury) and our most valuable and attractive resources (Venus/Taurus) to be used in the service of others (Neptune).

18:21 – The Sun conjuncts Uranus 10°40’ Taurus (April 30) on the Sabian symbol, “A woman sprinkling flowers.” This can be a good time for creative and unusual breakthroughs! Do take care though, dear listeners, as the symbol indicates use of water, and Uranus can be electric – wear your rubber gloves and avoid shocks, if at all possible!

20:06 – Mercury trines Pluto (May 2) on the Sabian symbol for 27 Taurus, “An Indian woman selling beads.” Pluto sits on 27 Capricorn, “A mountain pilgrimage” (of course!!). Perhaps, if you’re doing your work with diligence and integrity, you will be connected to helpful and powerful people.

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