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Episode 73 | Aries Equinox: De-Funkify Yourself

Show Notes for Episode 73 (3/15/2021)

073 | The Aries Equinox: De-Funkify Yourself

April and Jen spring forward into the Aries Equinox and a week of planetary sign changes! Mercury swims into intuitive Pisces and sextiles innovative Uranus, and the Sun and Venus charge into Aries. This fresh week also brings a helpful Cancer First Quarter Moon, along with energetic Mars and steadying Saturn propelling us toward goals that might have been conceived last summer. Plus: applying vs. separating aspects, writing a letter to Saturn, and fellowship. Always fellowship!

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Mercury in Pisces had particular fun with April this week, and her audio settings suffered as a result. Sorry in advance for the fuzzy sound quality!

00:30 – International Astrology Day is March 20! Lots of organizations host special events to celebrate, and AFAN delivers some deets!

03:31 – Mercury swims into intuitive Pisces (March 15 – April 3)! Maybe put your Ikea furniture together before that happens!

05:20 – Eureka! Mercury, at 8.30 Pisces, sextiles Uranus in Taurus (March 21). If you’ve been feeling stuck with a creative project, this innovative energy could lend a hand. And always remember, “Is it true, is it kind, is it necessary, does it improve the silence?”

​09:13 – Busy, busy: The Sun in Pisces makes a sextile to Pluto in Cap (March 16), followed by Venus doing the same a couple of days later (March 18). The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Venus at 27 Pisces is, “A harvest Moon.” Pluto sits on 27 Capricorn, “A mountain pilgrimage.” This is an opportunity to go deeper and look at who you really are and what you want.

​12:08 – The Sun enters Aries, marking the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and the Autumnal Equinox in the southern hemisphere (March 20). Where is 0 Aries in your chart? (Here’s April’s helpful post.) This is like an energetic “new year” spot for you! It’s where you’re bold, pioneering, and unafraid – where you like a challenge and enjoy testing yourself. (If you’d like to receive the equinox episode – which takes a peek at the upcoming 3 months – kick in five bucks or more and we’ll send it over as soon as it’s ready!)

15:25 – Venus runs into Aries (March 21 – April 14)! This would be a good time to enjoy activities that require exertion and competition, which have an Aries flavor. Now we have planets in fire, earth, air, and water signs. Isn’t it nice to have some elemental balance in the sky?

19:01 – This week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by our non-imaginary sponsor: Tenth House Creative! You can also find them on IG: @tenthhousecreative.

21:21 – **MOONWATCH ** We have a Cancer First Quarter Moon (FQM) on March 21 at 1.12 Cancer! This FQM is linked to the Pisces New Moon from last week, but also to a lunar phase family that began June 2020 (Episode 30, Cancer Solar Eclipse: You’re Buffering.) What did you conceive last week (or last June) that you can take action on now? Maybe you’ll finally push that boulder up the hill!

24:18 – All of the planets are squished into half the zodiac wheel. What’s up with that?

25:07 – Mars, at 10.33 Gemini, trines Saturn in Aquarius (March 21). Mars has energy and drive, and Saturn guides it toward productivity. This window of opportunity is between March 19-23. Woo hoo! Tax time! (BTW, Team Mars-Trine-Saturn approves this message!)

26:37 – Applying aspects versus separating aspects… confused? Give a listen. And here’s a short YouTube video for good measure!

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