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Episode 72 | Pisces New Moon: Kitchen Cats and Angular Houses

Show Notes for Episode 72 (3/8/2021)

072 | Pisces New Moon: Kitchen Cats and Angular Houses

April and Jen take advantage of a slow astroweek to deliver a mini-lesson on the angular houses, for your enjoyment and edification! We welcome a gentle Pisces New Moon and the Sun and Venus sharing a dream with Neptune: “Please help and care for one another.” And Venus nudges us out of a South Node rut and toward North Node curiosity and inspiration. Plus: cats in aprons, a salute to Switzerland, and… it always comes back to pie, doesn’t it?

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00:30 – Pi Day is coming on March 14, (3.14)! What kind of pie will you enjoy? And a round of applause for our friends in Switzerland, who put the BSA podcast on the charts there. Hooray!

03:20 – Settle in for a mini-lesson on the houses of initiative and leadership, AKA the angular houses (the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th). These houses fix us in place on the map of time and correspond to the Sun’s location just before sunrise and sunset, and just before midnight and midday. (Interested in a tutoring session with April? Yes, please!)

04:36 – The 1st house: your personality, physical body, and personal defense.

06:53 – Think of the houses as polarities, not simply one unit. Opposite the 1st house is the 7th – they go together like pie and ice cream! The 1st house corresponds with sunrise, and the 7th with sunset. The 7th house is also about joining forces with others, and how we compete (which includes your rivals and “open enemies”).

09:13 – The 4th house corresponds with midnight and is located at the bottom of the chart (the IC). The 10th house corresponds with noon and is located at the top of the chart (the MC). Here’s a handy cheatsheet to give you a visual!

10:05 – The 4th house is where you are rooted in the world: your family, security, and nourishment, as well as the defense of these things.

10:25 – The 10th house: your social status, pursuing your calling or career, defending your reputation.

11:25 – Do you have planets in the angular houses? Do most people have a planet in an angular house? What if your angular houses are empty? Here’s what all that means!

13:18 – April’s book The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology has a whole chapter (Chapter 9: Celestial Navigation) on angular houses! Pick up a copy if you don’t have one, won’t you? Oprah recommends it!

13:43 – Venus, at 15.11 Pisces, squares the Lunar Nodes on the Sabian symbol, “The flow of inspiration” (March 9). The North Node in Gemini is on, “A woman suffragist orating.” And the South Node is on, “Seagulls watching a ship.” Perhaps the path forward is in speaking out – especially as it relates to relationships, money, and values.

​16:14 – A two-fer: The Sun joins up with Neptune on March 10, and a few days later Venus does the same on March 13. All of this action happens on the same Sabian symbol: 21 Pisces, “A little white lamb, a child, and a Chinese servant.” April sees this symbol as one that highlights relationships based on caring and oversight; it’s a reset for creative and relationship cycles to attune to the oneness of all things. Jen wonders if the Sun will pass along a dreamy message – perhaps something about imagination, compassion, healing, or spirituality. Neptune then whispers to Venus, “Here’s the dream: Care for each other, help each other! And oh hey, maybe save the taxes ‘til next week!” (Review Episode 23, Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon to hear our first conversation about this symbol.)

21:53 – Speaking of angular houses… this week’s Moonwatch segment is brought to you by our non-imaginary sponsor: Tenth House Creative! You can also find them on IG: @tenthhousecreative

24:45 – **MOONWATCH ** This week brings a New Moon at 23.03 Pisces (March 13) on the Sabian symbol, “An inhabited island,” which speaks to the ways in which we are both together and apart from others. Pisces, in general, is a sign that needs time away; it soaks up all the surrounding vibes and then needs a rest. Maybe watch the movie Cast Away while you are on your retreat?

26:30 – New Moons are a good time to plant something fresh: They start new 28-day,6-month, and 2.5-year cycles. This New Moon also features four planets – the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune – close together in Pisces, all making a helpful sextile to Pluto, lending some spine and grounding. The four-planet pile-up is also square the Nodes, because we are at the midpoint of eclipse season! (April’s eclipse report, “Followed by a Moonshadow,” will help you get ready!)

28:36 – The green light we’ve been waiting for: This New Moon also features Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius, a get-it-done aspect. This aspect will lend the capacity to come up with a plan, map it out, take the individual needed steps, and get started. Perhaps it’s a good time to make a move regarding those big Sun-conjunct-Neptune dreams!

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