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Episode 67 | Venus Joins a Crowded Aquarius Party


067 | Venus Joins a Crowded Aquarius Party

April and Jen welcome lovely Venus to an already-crowded Aquarius party, where she gets serious with Saturn and receives a surprise from earth-rattling Uranus (are baked goods involved?). Meanwhile, the Sun faces off with energizing (yet conflict-prone) Mars, and participates in a Scorpio Last Quarter Moon that reminds us: “You can’t hide from yourself.” Plus: Groundhog Day always brings a shout-out to one of our patron saints, Bill Murray!

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00:30 – April and Jen’s love for Groundhog Day (the movie, that is!) has been well-documented. Our love of bingo cards is new, however (Episode 66, Leo Full Moon: Dinner and Bingo!).

04:00 – Thanks to Mary Plumb over at The Mountain Astrologer for mentioning the BSA pod!

05:04 – The Sun (at 12.47 Aquarius) applies pressure as it squares Mars in Taurus on the Sabian symbol, “A barometer” (Feb. 1). The Aquarius and Taurus areas of your chart are seeing a lot of action, centered around the struggle between moving forward and resisting change. This is the closing square from a cycle that began Sept. 2, 2019; it ends Oct. 7, 2021. What do you want to clean up from that time?

07:29 – Venus joins a crowded Aquarian house (Feb. 1 – Feb. 26) as she asks: What gives you a sense of being satisfied and complete, especially related to friends, gadgets, gizmos, and the future? This is a good time to re-work plans; remember that Mercury is retrograde, so we are encouraged to do things that begin with “re,” such as reviewing, redoing, revisioning, reminding, etc. (To find the Aquarius house of your chart, see April’s helpful blog post and video!)

12:01 – ** MOONWATCH! ** We’re keeping an eye on this feisty Scorpio Last Quarter Moon (Feb. 4), highlighting the intriguing Sabian symbol for 17 Scorpio, “A woman the father of her own child.” Perhaps we are being reminded of the idea of self-sufficiency and – where necessary – owning our part in unfolding circumstances. This point in the lunar cycle is always about completion and finishing up; this is the final square from a cycle that began Jan. 12, 2021 and Nov. 7, 2018.

15:40 – At this Last Quarter Moon, the fixed signs are in a t-square, with the release point in Leo. What does your heart want to sing, and how can you express yourself in a generous, playful way?

17:13 – Venus joins up with Saturn at 5.54 Aquarius (Feb. 5). Are you ready to come up with a financial plan, or commit to something you love? (Maybe you’re ready to remember that there are 60 minutes in each degree of the zodiac!)

18:59 – Venus, at 7 Aquarius and having just committed to a new plan, meets Uranus by square (Feb. 6) – hey, where did that curveball come from? (And, will you alter your course?)

20:32 – Is Venus waking up the Saturn/Uranus square that is approaching (Feb. 17)? Perhaps this week Venus is asking you: What really makes you happy, and how can you be part of the collective while maintaining your individuality?

24:14 – Venus, at this square, is on the Sabian symbol for 7 Aquarius, “A child born of an eggshell.” Is something in your life changing, mutating, shifting forms? Or, are there unhealthy patterns in your life that you want to break with? The planet of love, values, and self-worth says to change-agent Uranus, “I’d like to bring this into tomorrow.” (If you’d like to ponder your values, The Minimalists are here to help.)

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