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Episode 64 | Capricorn New Moon: We’ve Got You Covered!


064 | Capricorn New Moon: We’ve Got You Covered!

Regular listeners know that April & Jen record a week in advance. This episode was recorded two days before the siege on the US Capitol, so there is no reference to these unfolding events.

April and Jen cover the week’s astronews, including a Capricorn New Moon with a strongly Plutonian flavor. Mars makes the last of three frustrating squares to Saturn, and Jupiter squares Uranus, setting up what is arguably the most important planetary signature of 2021: Saturn squaring Uranus. Also, Venus sends a hug to Uranus, and Mercury joins Jupiter for the big square to Uranus. Plus: two words, friends: blanket fort!

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00:30 – From beneath a blanket fort, there was much rejoicing: The BSA Podcast has reached 50,000 downloads! THANK YOU, dear listeners!

03:07 – Getting a big idea or an innovative insight? Mercury joins up with Jupiter at 5.15 Aquarius (Jan. 11), grabbing small bits of information and little scraps of data along the way. Jupiter takes all of this and makes it into one ginormous quilt! (Blankets are our theme this episode!)

05:15 – ** MOONWATCH! ** ​ We have a powerful, transformative New Moon at 23.13 Capricorn (Jan. 12) on the Sabian symbol, “A woman entering a convent.” This is a contemplative symbol that might be helpful as you initiate new plans and project into the future: What do you really want? (Picture yourself at the end of 2021; what would need to happen for you to look back and say, “My life was transformed this year”?) This New Moon is conjunct Pluto; it’s a dark time of the cycle but bright with the promise of deep change and potentiality.

11:25 – Mercury, at 6.43 Aquarius, squares Uranus in Taurus (Jan. 12), and acts a bit like a retrograde; know that things might go awry with communications, electronics, and scheduling. And head’s up: Mercury enters the shadow period this week (Jan. 15) and has an upcoming retrograde beginning Jan. 30. This is the end of a cycle that began in April 2020 – what was happening for you then?

14:24 – Mars, grazing in the pasture of 3.04 Taurus, squares Saturn in Aquarius (Jan. 13), on the symbol, “The rainbow’s pot of gold.” This is a lovely symbol for a transit that is typically characterized by people being entrenched in their own positions and not yielding to each other; extreme stubbornness is oftentimes the message of this one. (Mars echoes the April 2020 New Moon, which is when we first discussed this symbol, in Episode 22, Taurus New Moon and Venus Gone Wild. Also, this is the last of 3 Mars/Saturn squares; for more, revisit late August’s Episode 40, Mars vs. Saturn, Virgo vs. Sagittarius, April vs. Gravity and late September’s Episode 49, Saturn & Pluto Leave the Station.)

19:30 – Venus, at 6.43 Capricorn, makes a trine to Uranus (Jan. 13) the day before Uranus stations direct (Jan. 14). Stations of outer planets can be disruptive and, particularly in the case of Uranus, unpredictable. Venus is on the intriguing symbol, “A veiled prophet of power.”  Where does our power lie in relationships and in financial matters? If we’re feeling empowered, then generally a trine to Uranus is a nice influence and a good time to make needed changes.

24:36 – The Sun conjuncts Pluto at 24.38 Cap (Jan. 14), signaling a consolidation of personal and professional power; we shine by achieving, and by standing in our power. Interestingly, the Sabian symbol is about a “rug dealer” and the art of negotiation. If someone is working on behalf of the collective, do the ends justify the means?

29:17 – Be awkward, brave, and kind, and let your quirkiness out! Jupiter, at 6.43 Aquarius, squares Uranus (Jan. 17). Are you willing to stand apart from the crowd to fulfill your dreams? This square is bringing to a close a cycle that began in June 2010!

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