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Episode 63 | Mars Enters Taurus (and There Was Much Rejoicing!)


063 | Mars Enters Taurus (And There Was Much Rejoicing!)

April and Jen welcome the first full week of 2021 and pin this episode to their vision boards! Several planets enter new signs and fresh territory this week, including the long-awaited transition of Mars from Aries to Taurus. Mercury gets focused with Pluto, enters Aquarius, and gets energized by Mars and organized with Saturn. And while we may be full of plans for the new year, a Libra Last Quarter Moon encourages us to first look to the past. Plus: personal planets, eagles, bathroom books, and icicles!

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00:30 – April and Jen invite you to create a vision board – or maybe destroy one? Whatever suits your fancy! What’s your vision for 2021? Does it include eagles? (And yes, there is a Philadelphia Eagles football team! Also, now you know why we don’t host a sports show!)

04:16 – Let’s get down to brass tacks: Mercury joins Pluto (Jan. 4) at 24.19 Capricorn, inviting us to focus, do research, or perhaps investigate something. The ruler is Saturn in Aquarius, giving us long-range planning abilities. (And the Faunabelle Tarot card for the magician is the coyote!)

07:32 – ** MOONWATCH! ** ​ The Last Quarter Moon (LQM) at 17 Libra is on the Sabian symbol, “A retired sea captain” (Jan. 6). LQMs always allow for finishing things up and a period of evaluation. This point connects us to the lunar phase family that began in October 2018 on the symbol, “A boat landing washed away,” which speaks to beginning anew when something is taken away. But this sea captain has overcome some obstacles, and asks us: How can we improve upon what was started not only 3 weeks ago, but also back in fall of 2018?

11:24 – Venus in Sagittarius is the ruler of this LQM, which is an energetic chart, rife with tense aspects – including with Mars, who is ending his sojourn through Aries. Perhaps this is a good place to start the New Year, suggesting we take action as we wrap up and consider not just the past 30 days, but also this long go-get-‘em Mars cycle that began at the end of June!

14:07 – And there was much rejoicing: Mars saunters into Taurus (Jan. 6 – Mar. 3)! As Mars slows down and stabilizes, it’s a good time to get traction on new projects. And don’t be fooled: Although this is the sign of Mars’s detriment, it’s a hefty placement, having a long fuse and measured pace.

18:16 – Venus enters Capricorn (Jan. 8), embracing the elegance of functional forms and the simplicity of well-made, useful items with clean lines, and high cost-per-wear value! It’s a great time to balance your checkbook, create a blueprint, and savor the bare-bones elegance of things.

22:30 – Venus, at 1.15 Capricorn, trines Mars in Taurus (Jan. 9), a fertile time for romance, as there is a physical component to this transit. It’s also a good time to enjoy natural, simple beauty – build a little rock wall in your garden or a snow fort in your yard!

24:57 – Mercury enters Aquarius (Jan 8), looking to the future, and bringing a third personal planet into a new sign! Tangent of the week: What are personal planets? (Revisit one of our most popular episodes – Episode 8, Saturn and Pluto Need a Party – to hear more about this transit, and as a bonus you’ll get to hear our first Bob Ross reference!)

29:33 – Mercury, at 1 Aquarius, squares Mars in Taurus (Jan. 8) on the symbol, “An old adobe mission.” Mars sits on, “A clear mountain stream,” perhaps instructing us to pause for a moment at the “mountain stream” before moving on to the next “mission.” Is your well-intentioned “mission” as good for others as you think it is? And take heed: This transit can be connected to losing one’s temper and being easily triggered. (Oops! The “old adobe mission” symbol was in Episode 19, Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up? back on March 31 – not the Saturn-in-Aquarius one.)

32:22 – Mercury conjuncts Saturn (Jan. 9) on the symbol for 3 Aquarius, “A deserter from the navy.” This speaks to wanting to cut bait, yet this meeting usually speaks of tenacity, brainpower, getting organized, and sticking with things that are tedious. Connecting it to last week’s lessons around letting go, perhaps this is about pondering: What is worth putting your energy behind? We can’t do everything, after all.

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  • Emily

    Jen! In late November I was driving north to my folks house (they live 3h north of me in Ontario) and I saw a bald eagle on the way up in flight, and then one on my way home perched on a tree! Magnificent creature he was! My mom sent me the animal guide about them so let me know if you would like to read it! Xo

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