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Episode 58 | Gemini Lunar Eclipse and the Amazing Eclipse Maven

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 58 (11/30/2020)

058 | Gemini Lunar Eclipse and the Amazing Eclipse Maven

April and Jen communicate all the juicy details about this week’s Gemini Full Moon lunar eclipse and herald the beginning of a new eclipse season! Meanwhile, Mercury (planetary ruler of Gemini) oversees the eclipse from his perch at the end of Scorpio before leaping into Sagittarius. A highlight this week? Venus in Scorpio + Neptune in Pisces = true love. Plus: funnels, big shoulder pads, and noodles!

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00:30 – How’s everyone doing? And who else likes noodling around?

02:42 – ** MOONWATCH! ** It’s eclipse season! This week we welcome the last Lunar Eclipse of 2020, which is also a Full Moon at 8°38’ Gemini (Nov. 30). Lunar eclipses are often about changes in relationship – have you taken a particular path as far as it can go? The Gemini/Sag axis is about information, learning, and ideas. It is generally more impactful if you have planets/points between 4°38’ and 12°38’ of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, or Pisces. (Do check out where on Earth this eclipse is happening; perhaps you can see it from your city! And, to find the house where the eclipse falls in your birth chart, here’s April’s helpful post!)

08:23 – Other eclipses near 8 Gemini occurred on: May 30 1984 (Solar), Nov. 29 1993 (Lunar), May 31 2003 (Solar), June 1 2011 (Solar), and Nov. 28 2012 (Lunar). What themes have been playing out for you? Also, go back to June 3 2019, because that’s when this lunar phase family began. (Don’t forget to read April’s book, The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology!)

12:26 – Mercury is the ruler of this eclipse; does this eclipse have a Scorpio flavor? (Review Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses to hear more about eclipses! And make sure to order your copy of April’s personalized Followed by a Moonshadow eclipse report!) Podcast listeners can use this code at checkout to get $5 off: BSASBS.

15:08 – Paving the way: Mercury sextiles Saturn at 28°23’ Scorpio/Capricorn (Nov. 30). Saturn is packing his bags to head into Aquarius soon, and this handshake happens at the anaretic degree. There has been a lot of earth energy throughout 2020… air is incoming in a few weeks! Mercury in Scorpio is a magical placement; your request might be granted, but first you must ask… and always remember the three essential prayers!

20:10 – Mercury bounds into Sagittarius (Dec. 1), communicating in a more frank, open, cheerful, and opinionated way. Beware thinking you know everything!

23:13 – Venus, at 18°10’ Scorpio, trines Neptune in Pisces (Dec. 5/6). This is a symbiotic relationship: Venus brings Neptune back from La-La Land, while Neptune offers Venus some hope and gentleness. (April’s Saints & Suckers: Neptune in Relationship class is available for rent or for purchase if you’d like to learn more.)

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