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Episode 56 | Sagittarius Season and TP On Your Shoe

SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE 56 (11/16/2020)

056 | Sagittarius Season and TP on Your Shoe

A tired, post-election April & Jen discuss this week’s planetary hubbub: A final (at last!) Mercury/Uranus face-off, Venus entering Scorpio on the same day that the Sun enters Sagittarius, and a nice Pisces First Quarter Moon. Sagittarius is a teaching sign, so in that spirit April and Jen offer a mini-lesson on out-of-sign aspects! What are they, why do they happen, and what’s an “orb”? Plus: the soul of a chart, skywriting, and the third base coach is waving you in!

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00:30 – In real time, it’s the Monday after the US election, and April and Jen take a little time to discuss how current affairs line up with what’s happening in the skies. (To hear more about the US Pluto return, revisit Episode 29, Neptune Washing Over All, and the US Pluto Return.) And, can you see someone’s soul in the birth chart? Things get deep, which seems appropriate for Scorpio season!

07:05 – Mercury opposes Uranus in Taurus (Nov. 17), which might indicate an unexpected change in perspective, innovative thinking, or problems with electronics. This is the third and final face-off; to hear about the previous ones, listen to Episode 50, The Grand Cross: Wheel! Of! Fortune! (from Oct. 17) and/or Episode 52, A Scorpio Season of Long Shadows & Fellowship (Oct. 19). This is the midway point of a cycle that began April 30 with the conjunction (Episode 23, Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon).

09:06 – The Sun sextiles Saturn (Nov. 18/19) at 28 Scorpio, “The king of the fairies approaching his domain.” The planet of structure is on 28 Capricorn, “A large aviary.” Act with confidence, and perhaps you’ll receive offers that could increase your status. Here is April’s collage based on this Sabian symbol!

12:52 – Venus is at third base (27°25’ Libra), squaring Saturn at home plate in Capricorn (Nov. 19). If you’ve been working hard to bring good stuff into your life, perhaps Saturn will reward you – he likes hard work! (We hope Coach Taylor is our third-base coach!) This aspect has been building ever since Venus entered Libra on Oct. 27, so if things have felt difficult for you since then, they just might get easier! This is the closing square in a conjunction that began back on Dec. 11 (Episode 3, Gemini Full Moon: Alexa, Play “Love the One You’re With”). Venus is on the Sabian symbol “A man in the midst of brightening influences.” Sounds nice!

15:55 – The Sun enters Sagittarius on Nov. 21 (to stay through Dec. 21) bringing a season of journeys, cultural exploration, higher education, gratitude, and generosity. And Venus enters Scorpio the same day, bringing the possibility of deepening relationships and finding out more about who is trustworthy.

21:34 – ** MOONWATCH! ** This week’s intuitive First Quarter Moon (FQM) occurs at 00°20’ Pisces (Nov 21). It’s a time to take action related to the New Moon that began last week. The Moon makes a lovely trine to Venus and a sextile Uranus. (Refer to Episode 15, Venus + Pie: 0-29 Degrees of Separation to hear more about planets at 0 degrees of a sign.)

24:27 – In this FQM chart, the Sun is in an out-of-sign sextile to Saturn. How do we interpret a planet connecting to another planet when it is “out-of-sign,” and how do orbs figure in? A mini-lesson for you! In this case, the Sun has moved past the point where the “exact” connection was made with Saturn, but they’re still being super friendly and waving… or maybe the Sun has a piece toilet paper lingering on his shoe? (To hear more about how elements go together, review Episode 36, A Mini-Class for the Dog Days: Elements & Modalities.)

29:13 – Head’s up: Keep an eye on Mars, now direct and headed for a square with Pluto (exact Dec. 23) – this is a powerful upcoming aspect, and it will feature in the upcoming Solstice chart. (If you want access to our Dec. 21 Solstice episode, simply contribute $5 or more; you’ll get that episode plus 3 more, and we’ll be so grateful – win/win!)

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