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Episode 55 | Scorpio New Moon: Rolling in It!


55 | Scorpio New Moon: Rolling in It!

April & Jen try to settle their nerves as they record on Election Day and muse over the upcoming week, which includes a lovely New Moon in Scorpio and a mellow Sun trine to Neptune. The much anticipated (final!) meet-up of Jupiter and Pluto occurs in Capricorn and is squared by Venus in Libra. And Mercury re-enters Scorpio and Mars in Aries FINALLY turns direct. (That sound you just heard was a collective sigh of relief from our Aries and Scorpio friends!) Plus: teachers, brownies, and why the third time’s the charm!

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00:30 – April’s former astrology teacher, Diane Ronngren, passed away over the weekend. Sending out love into the world in her memory – a shout-out to all the teachers!

​04:29 – Meditate on the message! The Sun trines Neptune in Pisces (Nov. 9/10) on the Sabian symbol for 19 Scorpio, “A parrot listening then speaking.” Neptune is on the symbol, “A master instructing his pupil.” Taken together, these represent the fine line between receiving instruction and simply parroting what we’ve been told. This connection is often about ego and letting go of the individual sense of self and relinquishing our own identity to some degree. (Refer to Episode 15, Venus + Pie: 0-29 Degrees of Separation to hear about the conjunction from March 8.)

07:37 – Mercury enters Scorpio once again (Nov. 10)! This is the perfect time to search for the truth, look deep, have meaningful conversations, do some editing, go to therapy, or get an astrology reading! (Review Episode 48, The Libra Equinox & Mercury Goes Sleuthing for more details on the communication planet in the sign of the scorpion.)

10:44 – What’s a conjunction? Jupiter meets up with Pluto for the third and final time (Nov. 12). The action is at 22°52’ Capricorn, and this is one of the big themes that has been playing out all year; it takes place at the same point where Saturn and Pluto met up in January. What structures are being torn down in your life? What are you building and expanding? Dana Gerhardt’s article on the history of pandemics and their connection to Jupiter and Pluto is fascinating.

13:51 – Third time’s the charm! Jen pitches a question about how and why we have three of the same planetary meet-ups in one year. April hits it out of the park. The first two conjunctions were April 4 (Episode 19, Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up?) and June 29/30 (Episode 32, Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: A Minnesota Goodbye).

17:10 – Get your motor running: Mars turns direct at 15°14 Aries on Friday the 13th! (Hear all about how that day came to be infamous in Episode 3, Gemini Full Moon: Alexa, Play “Love the One You’re With”.) The planet of action prefers forward momentum, so this will be helpful! The joyful Sabian symbol is, “Brownies dancing in the setting sun.” We’ll take it! (Hear more about this topic in Episode 31, Mars in Aries and the Swivel Chair of Doom.)

21:52 – ** MOONWATCH! ** This week we have a New Moon at 23°18’ Scorpio (Nov. 14/15). This is a Supermoon  (it’s at its closest orbit to Earth). Does “Scorpio New Moon” seem contradictory? A New Moon, in general, is about fresh starts; Scorpio tends to be about endings. This Moon speaks to fresh resolve we find when death or other difficulty has touched our lives. The intriguing symbol is, “Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.” As we write these show notes, Joe Biden has just become the president-elect of the US. Might this indicate the official conclusion of the vote-counting?

25:00 – This New Moon makes lovely sextile aspects to Jupiter and Pluto, which can often be about wealth. And in this chart, Venus squares Jupiter and Pluto (exact on Nov. 15). Venus is related to relationships, money, wealth, ethics, and personal self-worth. This can indicate a turning point in close relationships.

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