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Episode 47 | Virgo New Moon: A Fresh Start

047 | Virgo New Moon: A Fresh Start

September 14, 2020

April & Jen enter the cleansing and decluttering heart of the Virgo New Moon, in opposition to healing and spiritual Neptune. The Sun engages in smooth aspects with Saturn and Pluto, calling forth our power and authenticity. And a protracted discussion of midpoints – what are they and why are they important? Also: animal trainers, feng shui, and our very own Encyclopedia Braun!

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00:30 – A big thank you to everyone who supported our first annual Podathon with donations and by downloading our five daily episodes! Winners of our big drawing will be announced by email on the 15th.

01:55 – Are you listening from Latvia, Norway, India, Portugal, or New Zealand? Tell us what makes our podcast one of the top Society and Culture podcasts in your country! Is it the Bob Ross references?

03:17 – The Sun trines Pluto (Sep. 14, 4:05 pm PDT) on the Sabian symbols 23 Virgo (Sun), “An animal trainer,” and 23 Capricorn (Pluto), “Two awards for bravery in war,” at the degree of January’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction. Both symbols speak of bravery in confronting dangerous things, and imply that our power derives from handling small things, and serving something larger than ourselves.

06:30 – For more on the Jan. 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction, revisit Episode 6: Saturn & Pluto Eat More Crunchy Things, Episode 7: Saturn and Pluto Go to the Repair Shop, and Episode 8: Saturn and Pluto Need a Party.

07:19 – Venus squares Uranus (Sep. 15, 8:28 am PDT). This combination can bring unexpected expenses or income, and sometimes both. Unexpected developments in relationships, especially around the subject of independence vs. togetherness.

10:22 – Jen Braun is a regular Encyclopedia Brown! To hear more about the Sabian symbols (Venus) “Children on a swing in a huge oak tree,” and (Uranus) “A woman sprinkling flowers” go to Episode 23, Talkin’ Taurus and the Void (Of Course!) Moon.

10:26 – What are midpoints and why do they matter?.

15:53 – We enter the midpoint between eclipse seasons with this week’s square from the Sun to the Lunar Nodes (Sep. 16, 5:53 pm PDT). Sun in Virgo arbitrating between Gemini/Sagittarius nodes to find points of commonality in their search for truth. (Shout out to wonderful astrologer Caroline Casey!)

17:40 – Learn more about Lunar Nodes on Episode 24: Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Nodes for Grasshoppers. And take a deep dive on eclipses with us in Episode 5 Unboxing Eclipses.

18:33 – ** MOONWATCH ** 25 deg. Virgo “A boy with a censer.” With the New Moon point opposed Neptune and trine Saturn, the rituals of cleansing, organizing your home, and healing your thought patterns can help you sow new seeds, particularly in the area of work.

22:19 – A couple of books we like about decluttering with feng shui: Karen Kingston’s Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui and Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter.

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23:22 – The Sun trine Saturn (Sep. 17, 2:36 pm PDT) rewards a good work ethic and possibly indicates a new job or kind of work. Make sure what you do now is aligned with your authentic self.

24:43 – April is a water sprite!

24:54 – As Mercury finishes up in Libra this week, it squares Jupiter on Sep. 17 at 3:35 am (conversation out of balance, philosophical disagreements) and Pluto on Sep. 20 at 10:18 pm PDT (deep conversation, language that prompts power struggles, but great time to continue New Moon ritual because words and ideas have tremendous power). Listen to your inner voice, and look very deep within before you engage others in important conversation.

28:05 – Here comes the Sun, following in Mercury’s footsteps through the treacherous terrain of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. More about the Sun’s ingress into Libra in next week’s episode (and even more in the subscriber-only special episode we’ll release next Tuesday!).

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3 comments to " Episode 47 | Virgo New Moon: A Fresh Start "

  • Liga Shirona

    Hi, April and Jen! Greetings from Latvia 🙂
    Truth to be told – I might be “guilty” one for your popularity in Latvia – I’m professional astrologer and love to listen podcasts, while walking my dog. And particularly interested in podcasts about astrology, of course. Found your podcast soon after you began at the end of 2019 and love your inspiring mood, deep knowledge and easy, but still very saturating explanations. And, as I have astrology school, I suggested your podcast to my students and colleagues.
    As Cancer by Sun and Gemini Moon ascending – love Mondays. And now – even more because of new episodes. 🙂 Keep doing, what you do – Big Thanks!

  • I finally washed my sheets and turned my bed haha. Thanks to the new moon vibes and the fall season mojo that’s reminding me what my heart wants! I also shoutout the pod in this week’s column. Such good energy is happening minus the fires, pandemic, and election!

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