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Episode 35 | A Second Cancer New Moon and Savoring the Sun in Leo


35 | A Second Cancer New Moon, and Savoring the Sun in Leo

April and Jen embrace National Tell an Old Joke Day as a way to cope with a very stormy second Cancer New Moon, which is facing off against stern Saturn. Also this week, the Sun enters the joyful playground of its own sign, Leo, and Mercury gets a bolt of inspiration from Uranus. Plus: more imaginary sponsors, several new (old) jokes, and hey… let’s just savor this moment, shall we?

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00:33 – Join us in hilarity as we celebrate Tell an Old Joke Day! And, is National Moon Day always on a Moonday? More importantly, will shows about tiny houses take over the real estate in April’s heart where The Repair Shop currently resides? (This love goes back to at least Episode 7, Saturn & Pluto Go to The Repair Shop; perhaps even earlier.) (“Seemingly from past lifetimes.” – April)

05:12 – Have you seen April’s artwork for Episode 34, The 8 Lunar Phases: Have Them with a Salad!? It’s delicious! Also, join April’s mailing list to get a free mini-tutorial on the eight lunar phases! And to regularly enjoy April’s artwork, join her on IG or FB (@BigSkyAstrology).

06:54 – ** Moonwatch! ** The second New Moon in the sign of Cancer is on July 20th! The Sabian symbol for 29 Cancer is, “A storm in a canyon.” Hmmm… powerful release of emotion, anyone? This New Moon point is in a very tight opposition to Saturn (exact 5 hours after the New Moon!). New Moons are normally good for starting new things, but what is initiated under Sun/Saturn oppositions can have a hard time growing.

11:54 – Mars will square the July 4 eclipse point this week (July 22). To hear about fast-moving planets trigging eclipse points, listen to Episode 33, Kittens and Composite Charts. To hear about the July 4 eclipse, review Episode 32, Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: A Minnesota Goodbye.

13:13 – Mercury revisits territory from the week of the June 20/21 Solstice Solar Eclipse. Additionally, since this is the second New Moon in Cancer, storylines from that time may be continued. (Give a listen to Episode 30, Cancer Solar Eclipse: You’re Buffering.)

14:41 – How to deal with this big New Moon? Saturn rewards perseverance and persistence. Make sure you have a healthy infrastructure in place for your plans. Energy, courage, and confidence can feel stifled right about now… We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying! 😭

16:36 – Take heart: The Sun enters the lion’s den and sign of its rulership on July 22! The Sun does its best work here, in a sign that delights in play, creativity, children, recreation, open-heartedness. What are your hobbies? What do you wake up and say, “Today I get to do (this)!!” about? Get your flow on and savor life’s joys!

23:03 – Inspired thinking and intellectual breakthroughs incoming: Mercury sextiles Uranus on July 22. Mercury is on the Sabian symbol for 11 Cancer, “A clown making grimaces.” Uranus is on 11 Taurus, “A Red Cross nurse.” This represents the spirit of healing and neutrality, and expressing yourself in a fun, dynamic way.

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