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Episode 30 | Cancer Solar Eclipse: You’re Buffering


030 | Cancer Solar Eclipse: You’re Buffering

April and Jen offer a summary of something summer-y: Let’s welcome the dog days in the northern hemisphere with the Cancer Solstice, followed a few hours later by a Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Mercury also feels the crab’s pinch as it turns retrograde. And Mars hears opportunity calling from Jupiter and Pluto’s general direction. Plus: Seinfeld, fairy tales, an 80s earworm, and a little Nat King Cole, just for good measure.

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00:26 – You know by now that there’s usually a reason for Jen’s goofy introductions, right? Happy 20th to April’s fabulous Big Sky Astrology website! And, is April old? Older than Jen, yes. But O-L-D? Nah…

04:23 – Welcome, Cancer solstice (June 20)! Solstices and equinoxes mark the Sun’s ingress into a cardinal sign. To hear more about cardinal signs, listen to Episode 21, Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable: Signs a la Mod-alities. And the solstice occurs just before…

07:01 – …Moonwatch! Here comes the second of three eclipses this season, the New Moon – also a solar eclipse – at 0°21’ Cancer on June 20/21! (Let it be noted that Jen will never again leave April with a big matzo ball hanging out.) The Sabian symbol for 1 Cancer is, “A furled and unfurled flag displayed from a vessel.” Are you being asked to raise a flag in some area of your life? To learn more about eclipses, here are resources on the BSA website; or listen to Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses; or check out the eclipse path map. (And to hear the bit with Jen’s parents, go back to Episode 22, Taurus New Moon and Venus Gone Wild. And was April right on with her guess of 1983 for Total Eclipse of the Heart? You bet she was! And hey April, thanks for taking us back to 1943 as well!)

18:37 – Mercury stations to go retrograde in Cancer (June 17/18). To hear more about Mercury in Cancer, RE-visit Episode 27, The Amazing Disappearing Venus, & Cancer’s “Flavor of the Day”. And for a Mercury retrograde RE-fresher, RE-turn to Episode 12, Mercury Retrograde: Where Are My Pants?.

25:52 – Collectively, the North Node path forward currently leads in the direction of Gemini. How does Mercury retrograde affect that journey? Turn around, bright eyes: There’s something back there, along the way, that you left behind. So gather your breadcrumbs.

27:47 – Mars in Pisces aspects both Pluto (June 18) and Jupiter (June 20) in Capricorn. You might have an opportunity this week to add to your story – one that began in March 2020 – in a positive way. For a review of sextiles, check out Episode 16, Let’s Talk about Sextiles.

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