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Episode 225 | A Venus in Pisces to Remember!

Episode 225 | A Venus in Pisces to Remember!

Quieter skies this week as we tiptoe toward eclipse season (beginning at the upcoming Full Moon). Venus enters Pisces, elevating love and desire. The Sun makes its annual conjunction with Neptune; who are you really? The Gemini First Quarter Moon offers a fresh start. And April answers a listener question about prenatal eclipses and the Lunar Node cycle. Plus: Shrinking violets, chicken hawks, and indiscretions!

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[1:13] Venus enters her sign of exaltation, Pisces, on March 11 (2:50 pm PDT). It’ll be in this lovely sign through April 4, 2024. While Venus is moving through Pisces, love and desire have the potential to elevate us, get us more in touch with the kinder, sweeter, more poetic sides of ourselves, and to bring more kindness and sympathy and a certain spiritual something to our closest relationships.

[3:49] On March 17 (4:22 am PDT), the Sun makes its annual conjunction with Neptune at 27º21’ Pisces, on the Sabian symbol 28 Pisces, A fertile garden under the Full Moon. When the Sun comes together with Neptune, get beyond your name, your appearance, your upbringing, your everyday life and ask, who are you really?

[8:06] Moon Report! The Gemini First Quarter Moon (March 16, 9:11 pm PDT) is at 27º03’ Gemini-Pisces. The Moon’s Sabian symbol is 28 Gemini, A man declared bankrupt. To capture the spirit of this lunation, just ask a question. Read a book. Talk to somebody. Gathering with groups should be invigorating.

[10:59] Lunar Phase Family Cycle (LPFC). This is the First Quarter in a LPFC that began on June 17, 2023, with a New Moon at 26º43’ Gemini. The Full Moon in this LPFC will occur on December 15, 2024, and the Last Quarter Moon on September 14, 2025.

[12:22] Void-of-Course Moon Periods. On March 12 (4:08 am PDT), the Moon in Aries sextiles Mars in Aquarius. It’s VOC for just about 1 ½ hours and then enters Taurus (5:28 pm PDT). Get used to taking advantage of situations that offer spontaneity, and also to get in the habit of fighting for the things that really matter.

[13:11] On March 14 (3:29 pm PDT), the Moon in Taurus sextiles Neptune. It’s VOC for about five hours and then enters Gemini (8:16 pm PDT). Let go of patterns where you find yourself floating along in negative behaviors. Initiate new habits that focus on working out the balance between practicality, imagination and empathy.

[14:06] On March 16 (9:43 pm PDT), the Moon in Gemini squares Neptune. It’s VOC for about 5 hours and then enters Cancer on March 17 (2:40 am PDT). Focus on stilling your mind and letting spirit rush in.

[15:38] Listener Taylor asks about prenatal eclipses and the Lunar Node cycle. Order April’s Followed by a Moonshadow report to learn about the prenatal eclipses that occurred before your birth.  You can also find your prenatal eclipses in an ephemeris.

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