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Episode 223 | A Packed Pisces Party!

Episode 223 | A Packed Pisces Party!

This week, a dynamic Mars-Jupiter square is like a multi-headed Hydra; the Sun, Mercury, and Saturn converge for a cazimi party in Pisces; expect the unexpected in money and love, as Venus aspects unpredictable Uranus; the Sagittarius Last Quarter Moon encourages us to share our stories; and April answers a listener question about the difference between planets, signs, and houses. Plus: A bucking bronco, the 9-to-5, and Venn diagrams!

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[1:13] Mars squares Jupiter (Feb. 27, 12:30 am PST) at 10°52’ Aquarius-Taurus. Beware of overexertion in physical exercise or at work, especially if your birth chart has planets or points within a couple of degrees of 11 Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio.

[3:08] On Feb. 28 (12:43 am PST), the Sun conjoins Mercury (cazimi) at 09°14’ Pisces, bringing mental clarity and insights.

[3:16] Also on Feb. 28, Mercury (7:07 am PST) and the Sun (1:25 pm PST) make conjunctions with Saturn. This three-planet connection all takes place on the Sabian symbol 10 Pisces, An aviator in the clouds. We may feel as if there’s no way to break through and get ahead but don’t give up: success truly is just around the corner.

[5:47] Mercury sextiles Jupiter on Feb. 29 (1:53 am PST) at 11°12’ Pisces-Taurus. Take advantage of new insights and share them with a new audience.

[6:18] The Sun sextiles Jupiter on March 1 (4:15 am PST) at 11°17’ Pisces-Taurus. It’s an opportunity to give solid form and structure to our Pisces talents and intuitive abilities.

[7:11] On March 3 (5:17 am PST), Venus squares Uranus at 19º39’ Aquarius-Taurus. This aspect can encourage desire for more freedom, independence, and change within finances and/or relationships. Its influence is strongest if you have planets or points in your birth chart within a couple of degrees of 19º Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio.

[9:16] Moon Report! The Last Quarter Moon (March 3, 7:23 am PST) is at 13°32’ Sagittarius. This lunation brings final action toward completing a cycle; take a trip, learn or teach something new, and tell others about your journey.

[10:38] This is the Last Quarter in a Lunar Phase Family Cycle (LPFC) that began on Dec. 3, 2021 with a New Moon at 12º22’ Sagittarius. The First Quarter in this LPFC was on Sep. 3, 2022, the Full Moon on June 3, 2023. How has your story developed since that 2021 New Moon? If there is something important in your birth chart within a couple of degrees of 12° Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini, or Virgo, this has been a particularly important lunar phase family cycle for you.

[12:58] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. On Feb. 27, the Moon trines Venus (10:22 am PST) and is VOC for almost 33 hours (!!!). The Moon enters Scorpio on Feb. 28 (7:09 PM PST). The efforts that we’ve made to compromise and negotiate with others are now paying off. Favorable for initiating new social habits.

[15:09] On March 1 (11:47 pm PST), the Moon in Scorpio trines Neptune. It’s VOC for a little over six hours and then enters Sagittarius on March 2 (5:56 am PST). Love yourself a little more and accept yourself as you are.

[17:08] Listener Question: Kellie with an “ie” asks about the difference between planets, signs and houses. Here’s a link to April’s The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology. Check out this article about the Astrological Alphabet and Zipporah Dobyns.

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