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Episode 220 | Aquarius New Moon: A Shock to the System!

Episode 220 | Aquarius New Moon: A Shock to the System!

This week, a high-powered Aquarius New Moon square Uranus brings change, whether or not it’s convenient; Mercury teams up with Pluto to solve the unsolvable; Venus and Uranus make the unexpected look quite appealing; Mars floats toward its goals on Neptune’s waters; Mercury and Jupiter squabble about what one knows and the other believes; and April answers a listener question about whether Pluto in Aquarius is to blame for a rash of recent Mercury retrograde-ish symptoms. Plus: Typewriter ribbons, a hammock, and oh look: Pluto is being a bummer.

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[1:17] Mercury conjoins Pluto on Feb. 5 (4:57 am PST, 00º29’ Aquarius). This combination brings strong concentration and laser focus.

[3:03] On Feb. 6 (8:15 am PST), Venus in Capricorn at 17°38 squares the Lunar Nodes in Aries and Libra. The Sabian symbol for the North Node is 18 Aries, An empty hammock. What we like doing is not always what’s going to make us happiest in the long run.

[4:32] Venus trines Uranus on Feb. 7 (1:25 pm PST) at 19°08’ Capricorn-Taurus, signaling unexpected but pleasurable developments in relationships and/or finances.

[5:34] Mars sextiles Neptune on Feb. 7 (4:20 pm PST) at 25°58’ Capricorn-Pisces. Work toward your goals, but to be willing to take the occasional detour with the changing tides.

[7:47] The Sun squares Uranus on Feb. 8 (2:46 am PST), at 19º09’ Aquarius-Taurus. The Sun’s Sabian symbol is A big white dove, a message bearer, Uranus is on 20 Taurus, Wind, clouds, and haste. Don’t hold on to future plans too tightly; they’re prone to rapid change.

[9:33] Moon Report! The Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 9, 2:59 pm PST, 20º40’ Aquarius) is on the Sabian symbol 21 Aquarius, A woman disappointed and disillusioned. Push back against Pluto’s gloominess about the future! The New Moon point is in a very close square to the planet Uranus. Change is inevitable but often inconvenient, which is why we tend to put it off until something makes us change.

[13:30] This New Moon initiates a three-year Lunar Phase Family Cycle (LPFC) that hits important points at the First Quarter Moon on Nov. 8, 2024 (17°19’ Aquarius), the Full Moon of Aug. 9, 2025 (16º59’ Aquarius), and the Last Quarter Moon on May 9, 2026 (19º14’ Aquarius). Track your New Moon intentions through these dates to see the developments unfold.

[14:37] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon Periods. On Feb. 5, the Moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune (9:06 pm PST). It’s VOC for about seven hours before it enters Capricorn (Feb. 6, 4:08 am). Urgency to get things done conflicts with the desire to meander a bit longer toward a dream.

[16:35] On Feb. 7, the Moon in Capricorn conjoins Mars at 11:52 pm PST. It’s VOC for just about seven hours before it enters Aquarius on Feb. 8 (5:59 am PST). Get your Mars “dog” on a strong leash and train it well, so it keeps you safe without scaring everyone away.

[18:08] On Feb. 9 (2:59 pm PST), the Moon in Aquarius conjoins the Sun a.k.a. the New Moon. The Moon will be VOC for 14 3/4 hours (!!!) before entering Pisces on Feb. 10 (5:42 am PST). Spend this time focusing on how you want your life to change and how to rebirth yourself.

[19:29] Mercury squares Jupiter on Feb. 10 (5:25 am PST) at 08º23’ Aquarius-Taurus. Mercury is on Sabian symbol 9 Aquarius, A flag turned into an eagle and Jupiter is on 9 Taurus, A Christmas tree decorated. Pay attention to conflicts that involve knowledge versus beliefs.

[21:55] Listener Ronald asks: Is Pluto in Aquarius just Mercury Rx on acid?

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