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Episode 184 | Libra First Quarter Moon: The True Inner Knowledge!

Episode 184 | Libra First Quarter Moon: The True Inner Knowledge! (6.26.23)

This week, the Libra First Quarter Moon prompts an equal exchange of views; Venus and Mars aspecting Uranus bring the unexpected in money and love; Mercury enters quiet Cancer; Saturn brings rewards; Neptune turns retrograde; and April answers a Listener Question about out-of-bounds planets. Plus: Zigging and zagging, well-dressed rabbits, and going rogue!

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[1:13] Moon Report! The Libra First Quarter Moon on June 26 (12:50 AM PDT) at 04º29’ Libra is on the Sabian symbol 5 Libra, Man teaching true inner knowledge. Share what you’ve been planning, but don’t forget to listen as well.

[3:03] This First Quarter Moon makes an out-of-sign opposition to Neptune at 27°40’ Pisces. Have a conversation with a trusted person and rely on your gut.

[4:32] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon periods. The Moon in Libra squares Pluto on June 28 (1:19 AM PDT). It’s VOC for 36 minutes before entering Scorpio (1:55 AM PDT). Is it more important to please other people or to be truly yourself?

[6:34] On June 30 (7:20 AM PDT) the Moon in Scorpio sextiles Pluto. It’s VOC for 39 minutes before entering Sagittarius (7:59 AM PDT). Keep an eye out for helpful and sensitive information; take this opportunity to gain mastery over strong emotions.

[8:04] On July 2, the Moon in Sagittarius squares Neptune (6:33 AM PDT). It’s VOC for 4 3/4 hours, then enters Capricorn (10:20 AM PDT). Avoid getting so invested in being right that you overlook the things of faith.

[9:46] Mars squares Uranus on June 26 (2:23 AM PDT) at 21º29’ Leo and Taurus, on the Sabian symbols 22 Leo A carrier pigeon and 22 Taurus White dove over troubled waters. Move mindfully; embrace collaborations.

[11:43] Mercury enters Cancer (June 26, 5:24 pm PDT through July 10). Reach out to loved ones and err on the side of gentleness and caution. Enjoy creative writing projects and journaling.

[14:21] The Sun and Mercury trine Saturn on (June 28, 6:42 PM PDT/June 29, 11:23 pm PDT, respectively). The Sun and Mercury are on the Sabian symbol 8 Cancer: Rabbits dressed in clothes and on parade. Saturn is on 8 Pisces, A girl blowing a bugle. Get gussied up and prepare to be acknowledged for your achievements, your leadership and your maturity!

[15:14] What obstacles have you experienced since the Sun squared Saturn on May 28? Look for your efforts to be rewarded.

[17:01] Neptune stations retrograde on June 30 (2:06 PM PDT, 27º41’ Pisces, through Dec. 6, 2023). Look inside for faith and clarity and set aside time for devotional practices.

[19:58] The Sun and Mercury come together on June 30 (10:06 PM PDT) at 09º08’ Cancer and sextile Jupiter on July 1 (12.10 am PDT and 3:26 am PDT, respectively). The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Mercury is 10 Cancer, A large diamond, not completely cut. Go ahead and ask for things, even ones you’re not sure you’re ready or qualified for.

[21:31] On July 2 (7:33 AM PDT), Venus squares Uranus at 21º46 Leo and Taurus.  Will you get what you want or will those efforts be interrupted by the unexpected?

[23:23] Listener Deborah asks out-of-bounds planets via Speakpipe.  Here is a link to’s 9,000 year ephemeris.  [29:09]  If you have a question you’d like April to answer on a future episode, please leave a message of one minute or less at or email her at april(at)bigskyastrology(dot)com and put “Podcast Question” in the subject line.

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