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Episode 179 | Sun Meets Saturn: Inhospitable Soil!

Episode 179 | Sun Meets Saturn: Inhospitable Soil!

This week, Mars pushes a Jupiterian door that’s stuck; relationship change is in the air with Venus and Uranus; feeling truly rich with Mars and the North Node; a Virgo First Quarter Moon asks us to serve, and the Sun’s square to Saturn points to rocky terrain. And April answers a colorful and imaginative listener question about how essential dignities influence the houses of the chart. Plus: Milanese werewolves, noms de podcast, and pushing past the big guy!

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[1:14] Mars will square Jupiter on May 22nd (10:13 PM PDT) at 01°28’ of Leo and Taurus. A chance to inspire others to join us in whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish, even if it’s just pushing open a door that’s stuck.

[4:22] On May 26th (12:37 AM PDT), Venus sextiles Uranus at 19°53’ Cancer and Taurus.  Venus is on the Sabian symbol, 20 Cancer, Gondoliers in a serenade, and Uranus is on the symbol, 20 Taurus, Wind, clouds and haste. Change could be in the air in our relationships.  Be on the lookout for unforeseen monetary windfalls and/or expenditures.

[6:37] On May 26th (1:05 PM PDT), Mars makes a square to the Lunar Nodes at 03°32’ Leo, and with the Nodes at 03°32’ minutes of Taurus and Scorpio. The Sabian symbol for 4 Leo is, A man formally dressed and a deer with its horns folded. What makes you feel truly rich versus playing the role of being rich and successful?

[8:29] Moon Report!  The Virgo First Quarter Moon will occur on May 27th (8:22 AM PDT) at 06°05’ Virgo. This First Quarter Moon naturally features a tight T-square with the Sun squaring the Moon which is opposed Saturn at 06°50’ of Pisces.

[9:16] The Virgo First Quarter is the point of activating a very specific goal. The Sabian symbol for the Moon, 7 Virgo is, A harem.  The symbol for the Sun is 7 Gemini, An old fashioned well.  The Sabian symbol for Saturn at 7 Pisces, A cross lying on the rocks.  These particular symbols suggest a message of sacrifice, of rocky terrain on our path ahead, but also, that the energy that we expend will be naturally replenished by the process of taking action on our New Moon in Taurus goals.

[10:42] This is the First Quarter Moon in the Lunar Phase Family Cycle that began with the August 27th, 2022 New Moon at 04°03’ Virgo. The Full Moon in this Lunar Phase Cycle is on February 24th, 2024, and the Last Quarter Moon comes on November 22nd, 2024.

[11:10] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon Periods.  On May 24th (2:12 AM PDT), the Moon in Cancer trines Neptune.  It’s VOC for just about 5 ¼ hours, before it enters Leo (7:35 AM PDT).  Break the emotional habit of carrying little hurts and insults. Wash the slate clean and move on.

[12:31] The Moon in Leeeeoooooo squares Uranus in Taurus on May 25th (11:38 PM PDT). It is VOC for about 20 ¾ hours (!!!) before entering Virgo on May 26th (8:05 PM PDT). This is a call for change, and to examine whether you’re demanding more than your share of attention, or being too rigid in our leadership style?

[13:55] The Sun will make its bi-annual square to Saturn on May 28th (3:46 AM PDT) at 06°52’ of Gemini and Pisces.  It may feel incredibly difficult to make any kind of forward progress with anything.

[15:54] Listener Travilla asks (in highly colorful fashion) about how essential dignities influence the houses of a chart.

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