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Episode 178 | New Moon and Jupiter in Taurus: Out to Pasture!

A week of big transitions as supersized Jupiter enters pleasure-loving Taurus for a yearlong stay. Hooray for a New Moon that is (finally) not in Aries and (finally) not an eclipse! Mars enters Leo in search of a splendid cause and runs directly into Pluto; are creatives being supplanted by robots? The Sun enters Gemini, trines powerful Pluto, and sextiles energetic Mars, all in a single day – this normally light and breezy season is getting off to a more-intense- than-usual start. And in this week’s mini-lesson, April offers a few insights on how Jupiter in Taurus might influence planets in other signs. Plus: Cobblers cobbling, kings kinging, and writers striking!

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[1:10] Mars trines Neptune at 27°07’ Cancer and Pisces on May 15th (6:44 AM PDT).  Mars in Gemini made a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces on October 11, 2022, November 19, 2022  and March 14, 2023.

[1:40] This Mars-Neptune trine brings a nice conclusion to the work we did during that series of squares. Energy is now flowing in the direction of what’s truly important to you. The Sabian symbol for Neptune at this trine is 28 Pisces, A fertile garden under a full moon – it’s all coming together!

[3:19] Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16th (10:20 AM PDT)! It will be in the sign of the bull until May 25, 2024.

[4:07] Jupiter is the planet of MORE, and in Taurus it calls for more creature comforts, value, money, property, safety and security.

[5:39] Most recently, Jupiter has been in Taurus between 2011-12, 1999, 1988, and 1976.  All of these years have shown higher rates of inflation in the U.S. economy.

[6:10] Transits to look for during Jupiter’s stay in Taurus: Jupiter square Pluto at 00°18’ of Taurus-Aquarius on May 17, 2023 (6:10 PM PDT); Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 21°49’ Taurus on April 20, 2024.

[6:44] Jupiter’s influence will be especially strong for people with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or a stellium in the signs of Pisces or Sagittarius. The same will apply if you have Jupiter on an angle of your chart or a conjunction that involves Jupiter with the Sun and/or Moon.

[7:33] Moon Report!  The Taurus New Moon is on May 19th (8:53 AM PDT) at 28°25’ Taurus, on the Sabian symbol, 29 Taurus, Two cobblers working at a table. 

[9:33] This is a very nice New Moon, sextile Mars in Cancer, sextile Neptune, and it forms an out-of-sign trine to Pluto. This gives some ease and harmony that has been missing in the previous couple of New Moons.  Subscribe to April’s mailing list to download her New Moon Workbook!

[9:45] This New Moon initiates a new Lunar Phase Family cycle. Its First Quarter Moon is on February 16th, 2024; the Full Moon on November 15th, 2024; the Last Quarter Moon on August 15th, 2025.

[10:51] Void-of-Course (VOC) Moon Periods. On May 17th, the Moon in Aries makes a square to its own ruling planet, Mars (2:10 AM PDT).  It is VOC for about 3 ¼ hours before entering Taurus (5:27 AM PDT), bringing a mix of aggravation and impulsiveness. Meditate on cooling your jets.

[11:54] On May 19th (10:51 AM PDT), at the moment of the Taurus New Moon, the Moon goes VOC for about one hour before entering Gemini (11:48 AM PDT).  Contemplate those Taurus New Moon intentions and how to bring more prosperity and security into your life.

[12:38] The Moon in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces on May 21st (3:11 PM PDT). It is VOC for about 5 ¼ hours before entering Cancer (8:28 PM PDT).  Avoid escapism and take this stretch of time to consider options that are worth pursuing.

[13:40] Mars enters Leo on July 10th (8:31 AM PDT) and is in this sign through July 10. Use this time to work on creative projects and to allow yourself to be seen for who and what you truly are.

[15:28] Mars opposes Pluto on May 20 (8:11 PM PDT) at 00°16’ Leo-Aquarius. Creatives versus AI…let the battles begin!

[17:43] The Sun enters Gemini on May 21 (12:09 AM PDT), trines Pluto in Aquarius (6:58 AM PDT) and sextiles Mars in Leo (10:57 PM PDT). A powerful day for setting ideas in motion. The Sun is in Gemini until the Cancer Solstice (June 21).

[20:06] Mini-lesson:  Jupiter in Taurus for each sign.  Consider the sign of your Sun and/or your Rising sign when applying the following interpretations to your chart.

[20:31] Jupiter in Taurus for Aries. Try to slow down a little bit and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

[21:28] Jupiter in Taurus for Taurus. You might find it a little easier to be a bit more outgoing and you might be luckier, but in this case, it’s usually because you’re making your own luck.

[22:13] Jupiter in Taurus for Gemini. This is a terrific transit for meditation, self-improvement, and personal growth.

[22:53] Jupiter in Taurus for Cancer.  Broaden the scope of your friendships and your associations and find new friends in unfamiliar places, but beware of overcommitting.

[23:35] Jupiter in Taurus for Leo. This is going to be one of the best transits you will have in 12 years to really expand your career horizons and to achieve something big!

[24:12] Jupiter in Taurus for Virgo. This is the time to make your world bigger through academics and travel.

[24:38] Jupiter in Taurus for Libra.  New sources of support aka other people’s resources can open up to you to fund something new and important.

[25:08] Jupiter in Taurus for Scorpio. This can either bring the strong desire to form a partnership or to get out of a partnership that is keeping you from growing. Your significant other could be entering a growth cycle as well.

[25:37] Jupiter in Taurus for Sagittarius. This brings a desire for a daily life that is more encompassing. Try not to overextend yourself.

[26:19] Jupiter in Taurus for Capricorn.  It’s time to play a little more, indulge your creative side and enjoy the process of self-expression.

[26:54] Jupiter in Taurus for Aquarius.  This is a good year to retreat a little bit and enjoy more time in the places that really feel like home.

[27:26] Jupiter in Taurus for Pisces.  This is a wonderful year for exploring your immediate environment, getting to know your neighbors, reconnecting with friends or with siblings, learning a new skill.

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