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Episode 164 | Mercury Enters Aquarius: Your Five-Year Plan!

Episode 164 | Mercury Enters Aquarius: Your Five-Year Plan!

This week, Mercury teams up with Neptune to get creativity on the schedule and reads tea leaves with probing Pluto, before entering Aquarius for some long-range planning. Venus and Uranus remind us to embrace the flow of our inspiration while also inviting wisdom from those who’ve been around the block a time or two. And April answers a listener’s question about the fascinating technique of Horary Astrology. Plus: The age of irrelevance, the eternal search for car keys, and everyone’s least-loved job interview question.

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[1:05] Mercury sextiles Neptune on February 6 (10:26 AM PST) at 23°46’ Capricorn and Pisces. Mercury is on the Sabian symbol, 24 Capricorn, A woman entering a convent.  Make some time to be by yourself so you can focus on accessing your imagination and producing something of what you find there.

[3:29] On February 7 (9:29 PM PST), Venus sextiles Uranus at 15°03’ minutes of Pisces and Taurus. Venus is on the Sabian symbol 16 Pisces, The flow of inspiration, with Uranus on Sabian symbol Taurus 16, Old man attempting vainly to reveal the mysteries. Give yourself over to your inspiration, but consider wise input from others as well.

[7:28] The Void-of-Course Moon Report (VOC)!  On February 6th, the Moon in Leo opposes Saturn at 6:15 AM PST. It’s VOC for about seven hours before it enters Virgo at 1:14 PM PST. Don’t let yourself be stopped from doing what matters because others might disapprove.

[8:53] On February 8, the Moon in Virgo trines Pluto at 10:40 PM PST. It’s VOC for about two hours before it enters Libra on February 9 at 12:47 AM.  Stop that insomnia-inducing, runaway mind in its tracks by jotting down a detailed to-do list.

[10:16] The Moon in Libra squares Pluto on February 11 at 8:41 AM PST. It’s VOC for about two hours and enters Scorpio at 10:34 AM.  If someone pushes your buttons, this is a time to push back.

[11:55] Mercury conjoins Pluto at 28°58’ Capricorn on February 10 (9:16 AM PST).  The Sabian symbol is 29 Capricorn, Woman reading tea leaves.  Much like the VOC Moon in Virgo period from February 8th, this could be an excellent time to tackle a long-overdue, difficult issue.

[14:07] Mercury enters Aquarius on February 11 (3:22 AM PST). It will be in the sign until March 2nd. Aquarius is a sign that loves long-range planning. Where do you see yourself in five, ten or even twenty years? Write those intentions down and make a consistent effort towards achieving those goals. You may be pleasantly surprised by how those seeds grow.

[16:48] Listener Joanna asks about the incredibly interesting technique of Horary Astrology.

[19:45] April answered a listener question about planetary dignities on Episode 111.

[20:21] The Astrology Podcast has covered Horary Astrology in-depth on a number of episodes, including this great interview with Lee Lehman, a master of the craft. Courses in Horary Astrology with Dr. Lehman and other top-notch instructors are available through the School of Traditional Astrology.

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