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Episode 156 | Gemini Full Moon and a Sunday Drive with Maude!

An energetic Full Moon in Gemini is influenced by scrappy Mars; Mercury and Venus leave “sky is the limit” Sagittarius for “buckle down and focus” Capricorn; and this week’s Void-of-Course Moon periods are short and happy. And April deploys an automotive metaphor to answer a listener question about transits affecting several planets close together in your chart. Plus: Helpful conflict, the pleasures of productivity, and the Pope.

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[1:08] Mercury (29°3’ Sagittarius) squares Jupiter in Pisces on December 5th at 11:05 pm PST. Mercury is on the Sabian symbol 30 Sagittarius, The Pope and Jupiter is on 30 Pisces, The Great Stone Face. See if you can find a way to integrate the image you present and what you may be growing into internally. 

[2:38]  Mercury enters Capricorn on December 6th at 2:08 pm PST and will be in this sign until February 11, 2023. Mercury’s extended stay in Capricorn is due to its retrograde period (Dec. 29, 2022-Jan. 18, 2023). Use Capricorn’s steadfast focus on a project that you’ve been wanting to complete, but leave room for variations to occur. 

[3:43] Moon Report! The Gemini Full Moon is on December 7th at 8:08 pm PST, at 16°01’ Gemini. This Full Moon illuminates the intentions we may have set during the New Moon at 9° Gemini on May 30, 2022. This is also the Full Moon of the Lunar Phase Family that began on June 10, 2021 at 19°47’ Gemini. (If you need help finding the Gemini area of your natal chart, April’s instructional blog post and video might help.)

[7:12] This Gemini Full Moon will closely conjoin Mars (Gemini 16°07’). Look out for relational conflicts that may ultimately prove helpful. The Sun, Moon and Mars also apply  to a square to Neptune at 22°39’ Pisces. It’s time to take off those Neptunian rose-colored glasses and face the music.  

[10:02]  Void-of-Course Moon periods (VOC). On December 6th, the Moon (Taurus 29°04’) sextiles Jupiter at 11:02 am PST. It will be VOC for almost two hours before entering Gemini at 12:49 pm PST.  Albeit brief, this lovely aspect would be an excellent time to give form to your big ideas.

[11:05]  The Moon (Gemini 29°11) squares Jupiter in Pisces on December 8th at 10:13 pm PST.  The Moon will be VOC for just about an hour and a half before it enters Cancer at 11:49 pm PST. This combination might behave like Mercury is retrograde, so back up your devices!

[11:50] On December 11th at 10:49 am PST, the Moon at 29°20’ Cancer trines Jupiter in Pisces.  This short but sweet VOC period will last just a little under an hour and a half before the Moon enters Leeeeeooooo at 12:09 pm PST. Bring on those snuggly, domestic bliss vibes.  

[12:42]  The Sun makes its exact opposition to Mars on December 7th at 9:42 pm PST at 16°5’ of Sagittarius and Gemini. This is an important point in the Sun-Mars cycle that began with their conjunction in October of 2021. Take note of the changes you’ve seen and lessons you have learned.

[14:16]  On December 9th, Venus (Sagittarius 29°12’) squares Jupiter in Pisces at 4:55 am PST.  Later that day, Venus enters Capricorn at 7:54 pm PST, echoing Mercury’s transits from earlier in the week. What can you create during this last month of 2022 to leave this year feeling happier and better prepared for 2023?

[16:38]  Listener Kelly asks about stelliums and orbs (April also covered orbs on Ep. 116).  Road-tripping Cousin Maude likes to rock out!  Here are links to free copies of Donna Cunningham’s The Stellium Handbook Part One and Part Two.

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