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Episode 153 | Leo Last Quarter Moon: X-Ray Vision!

Episode 153 | Leo Last Quarter Moon: X-Ray Vision!

A volatile Last Quarter Moon in Leeeoooooo encourages camel-like self-reliance. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus make happy aspects to happier Jupiter. The Sun trines Neptune on a magical, bunny-related Sabian symbol, and Mars makes the second of three squares to Neptune – defend whatever you have faith in! The Sun and Mercury fall into formation with Pluto. Mercury and Venus prepare the way for the Sun’s Sagittarius season, which begins next week. And April answers a listener’s question about planetary hours, lunar days and lunar mansions Plus: x-rays, Thai takeout, and a spa day for the Sun!

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[1:10] Moon Report!  The Last Quarter Moon at 24°9′ Leeeeooooo (Nov. 16, 2022, 5:27 am PST) squares the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, opposes Saturn in Aquarius, and squares Uranus in Taurus as well. The result is a Grand Cross configuration, and since the fixed signs are involved, you may notice that people are a little more entrenched in their position than usual.

[2:39] This Last Quarter Moon also sextiles retrograde Mars in Gemini. Look for a helpful person from the past to appear just when you need them!

[3:12] The Sabian symbols for this Last Quarter Moon are 25 Leo, A large camel crossing the desert and the Sun on 25 Scorpio, An X-ray.  We are seeing things the way they are instead of the way we would like them to be. This is tough but could lead to greater emotional self-reliance.

[5:30] This is the last critical moment in a Lunar Phase Family Cycle that began at the August 2020 New Moon in Leo. Here’s an opportunity to make one final push towards a passion project that was initiated at that New Moon.

[6:09] Void-of-Course Moon (VOC) periods. On Nov. 14 (2:41 am PST), the Moon trines Jupiter (28°57′ Cancer and Pisces).  It’s VOC for about five hours before entering Leo at 7:43 am PST. A lovely time for setting a bedtime intention about family adventures, drafting plans to expand or improve your home, or even move someplace new.

[7:15] The Moon in Leo squares Mercury (29°25′ Leo and Scorpio) at 3:55 pm PST on Nov. 16 and is VOC for just over one hour before entering Virgo (5:03 pm PST). That x-ray vision, Scorpionic Mercury might bring up some negative feedback about a creative project. Leave it to the Moon in Virgo to make things right.

[8:12] On Nov. 19 (12:47 am PST), the Moon in 28°50′ Virgo opposes Jupiter in Pisces. It’s VOC for a little over two hours and enters Libra at 2:57 am PST. If you’re a night owl or are across the Atlantic from North America, ponder this call to adventure.

[9:50] As the Sun and Mars aspect Neptune, Neptune will be on the Sabian symbol 23 Pisces, A materializing medium aka Spiritist Phenomena – an ethereal degree for an ethereal planet.

[10:18] The Sun trines Neptune (Pisces 22°44′ Scorpio and Pisces) on Nov. 14th at 7:43 pm PST, on the Sabian symbol 23 Scorpio, A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy.  It’s the time of year for magical transformations. 

[11:33] Mars squares Neptune (22°42′ Gemini and Pisces) on Nov. 19 at 7:43 am PST. This is the second of three squares (the others on Oct. 11, 2022 and March 14, 2023) while Mars is in its extended transit through Gemini. It’s time to defend what you have faith in.

[12:37] Mercury sextiles Pluto (Nov. 14, 6:27 pm PST) at 26°27′ Scorpio and Capricorn. Mercury’s Sabian symbol is 27 Scorpio, A military band on the march and Pluto, as usual, is on 27 Capricorn, A mountain pilgrimage. So, as the Sun enjoys its Neptunian spa day, Mercury will be practicing power handshakes with Pluto.

[13:50] On Nov. 18 at 1:43 pm PST, the Sun sextiles Pluto (26°31′ Scorpio and Capricorn). It’s time to get real and empower yourself.

[14:43] The Sun, Mercury and Venus all trine Jupiter in Pisces this week. Venus (28°55′ Scorpio) is the first in line on Nov. 15 at 1:36 am PST.

[15:28] Mercury (28°53′ Scorpio) follows suit on Nov. 16 at 7:43 am PST. Look for a financial advisor to help you manage your Jupiter windfall!

[16:02] The Sun (28°48′ Scorpio) seals this Jupiterian deal on Nov. 20 at 8:07 pm PST.

[16:45] Last but not least, Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius this week. Venus enters the sign of the Archer first on Nov. 15 at 10:08 pm PST, followed by Mercury on Nov. 17 at 12:42 am PST. Order some Thai takeout and cue up those foreign language comedies on Netflix.

[18:02] Mercury can run into some problems in Sagittarius, the sign of its detriment – which means it’s opposite Mercury’s home sign of Gemini. Check out April’s interview with Mel LaFara’s in Episode 139 about planets in their detriment or fall. Spoiler alert: they could be super powers in disguise!

[19:34] Listener Milton asks about planetary hours, lunar days and lunar mansions.

[19:52] An explanation of planetary hours and how they are used.  Here’s a link to Kelly Surtee’s article about a Saturn ritual and Dana Gerhart’s article about a Santeria ritual.

[23:27] An explanation about lunar mansions. Here’s the link to Ryan Butler’s article on the subject on his Medieval Astrology guide website.

[24:28] An explanation about lunar days. Here’s a link to the interesting article April mentioned.

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