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Episode 139 | PODATHON Day One: Chain of Command, with MEL LAFARA!

Episode 139 |PODATHON Day One: Chain of Command, with MEL LaFARA!

It’s the Third Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon! And today is a day of “firsts.” It’s the first day of the Podathon, and the very first Big Sky Astrology Podcast guest: an interview with a Cardinal sign-dominant (and therefore prone to “being first”) astrologer Ms. Mel LaFara! Plus: Today’s Moon is in serious Capricorn, but its aspects to Jupiter and Mercury should make things a little bit chattier. And exactly what does it mean for the Moon to be “debilitated”? April goes straight to the source and asks someone who owns such a Moon!

This Labor Day week, September 5th through 9th, we bring you the Third Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon, with daily episodes, amazing guest astrologers and prizes … so many prizes! Make a note to check your podcast feed every day that week for a brand new Mooncentric episode! Make your donation of $25 or more by September 12, 2022, at 11:59 pm Pacific time and be entered for a chance to win a reading, course, and other prizes!

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[0:35] Hear ye, hear ye: The 3rd Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon is here! With five episodes, interviews with five fabulous astrologers, and prizes!

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[4:52] We are moving toward our next Mercury retrograde period, between September 9th and October 2nd.  Try to lighten your calendar a bit.

[5:56] During the Podathon, April is giving the Moon a little bit more attention.

[6:13] Today’s Moon is in Capricorn. Capricorn Moon days are excellent for initiating projects, especially ones that you expect to take a while to complete. This Capricorn Moon will square Jupiter in Aries at 5:44 am PDT, which could brighten things up a bit, and square Mercury in Libra at 8:21 am PDT, which could make this Saturn-ruled Moon a little chattier than usual.

[6:47] April’s father was a Sun sign Capricorn!

[7:45] “And now for something completely different” – the Big Sky Astrology Podcast’s very first, very special guest, the lovely and talented Mel LaFara of the Energetic Principles Podcast!  Traveling the celestial path since 2009, Mel specializes predictive astrology and the nature of celestial timing.  Practicing a blend of traditional and modern astrology, she focuses on helping others find purpose and meaning via dialogue driven consultation work. She is a tarot consultant, musician and student of herbal allies as well.

[9:12] And the chat begins.  Welcome to The Big Sky Astrology Podcast Ms. Mel!

[10:16] What’s up with debilitated Moons? The Moon in Capricorn is considered to be in its detriment. The Capricorn Moon is actually the farthest in its position from where the Moon is at home, Cancer.

[12:22] Another troublesome Moon: the Scorpio Moon. A Moon in Mars-ruled Scorpio is in a position of fall, sometimes called “depression.” This is due to the Moon in Scorpio being in an opposing position from Taurus, where it’s exalted.

[14:01] How does Mel use her own natal Capricorn (Saturn-ruled) Moon in opposition to her (Moon-ruled) Sun in Cancer?

[16:58]  Are planets in their detriment or fall more accentuated in our personalities because we have to work so hard to express them? Are these possibly superpowers?!?!

[19:05]  Notorious Saturn, lord of maturation, boundaries, and bummers.

[20:22] Goats will eat anything! Some practical advice for making the most of a Moon in Capricorn or Scorpio.

[24:40] “Chain of Command, Rulership and Dignities in Astrology” –  Mel’s most recent class.  Check out Mel’s podcast and website called Energetic Principles.  You can also find her on Instagram @energeticprinciples. Her funny reels will certainly brighten your day!

[26:24] Mel even has a mailing list that you sign up for and a newsletter called “The Heavenly Wind.”

[27:49]  And that’s a wrap for the first day of The Third Annual Podcast!  Please make your donation by following the link below – and join April again tomorrow morning for another episode!

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