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Episode 137 | Virgo New Moon and Mars: All the Things, All at Once!

Episode 137 | Virgo New Moon and Mars: All the Things, All at Once!

This week in the Big Sky: The Sun enters its Virgo season, and this one comes with a spicy dash of Mars. Mercury picks up a little staying power from Pluto as it leaves Virgo for an extended stay in deliberative Libra. Venus takes a glamorous stroll through a rough neighborhood, Uranus turns retrograde, and the week ends with a Virgo New Moon that explores the balance between the realms of logic and imagination. Plus, a listener question about house cusps in progressed charts – why so inconsistent?

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[0:30] Hear ye, hear ye: The 3rd Annual Big Sky Astrology Podathon is coming your way beginning Sep. 5, with five episodes, interviews with five fabulous astrologers, and prizes!

[1:26] Mercury’s trine to Pluto rules the Sun entering Virgo, all on August 22. ‘Tis the season to set your house in order, both literally and figuratively!

[4:53] Uranus stations retrograde (Aug. 24), an invitation to internalize real change.

[7:25] So what’s up with Mercury? Plenty – not least of which is its ingress into Libra.

[9:46] Venus squares Uranus (Aug. 26) on the Sabian symbols “A houseboat party” (Venus) and “A newly formed continent” (Uranus). How do these two organize a joyous party on the water without running aground on the newly formed continent?

[11:23] Sun squares Mars (Aug. 26 or 27th, depending on your time zone), which is highly motivating but can lead to mental fatigue in the Mercury-ruled signs of Virgo and Gemini.

[14:52] Make way for the Moooooooooon report! What’s the message of the Virgo New Moon? And what can you learn from the week’s void-of-course Moon periods?

[20:28] What love lesson will you learn from the opposition between Venus and Saturn on August 28th?

[22:11] A question from listener Maria about why the Ascendant and Midheaven in her secondary progressed chart bounce around depending on the software she uses to calculate them. April runs down several major ways that programs derive these house cusps and which one she prefers.

[29:30] Got an astrology question for April? Here’s how to ask!

[30:08] A Big Sky Astrology shout-out to one of this year’s generous donors. Want to make a donation of your own? Got to, or wait until the Podathon so you can join in on the drawing for several great prizes!

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