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Episode 135 | Aquarius Full Moon: Friends and Dissociates!

Episode 135 | Aquarius Full Moon: Friends and Dissociates!

This week: Venus and Pluto prompt a review of last winter’s difficult relationship transitions. A very crowded August 11 features an identity-refining Sun/Uranus square, an Aquarius Full Moon with hard aspects but a peaceful message, and Venus entering Leeeooo. The Sun’s face-off with Saturn, and Mars trine Pluto, offer business breakthroughs and personal progress. Plus: listener Pat asks if a Mercury-Jupiter opposition in her chart is really an opposition? April, who has that opposition herself, replies in terms both Mercurial/succinct (“yes”) and Jupiterian/verbose (in that way she has).

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[0:35] Astrological headlines for the week of August 8th.

[1:08] Venus opposes Pluto on August 8th, marking the halfway point in this yearlong Venus/Pluto cycle. This opposition might shed light on some of the decisions you’ve made regarding your relationships, with Venus offering a gentler perspective of last winter’s Venus/Pluto conjunctions.

[3:27] The Sun squares the North Node on August 10, reaching the midpoint between eclipse seasons and urging the release of emotional baggage. It  then squares Uranus on August 11th, on the now-familiar Sabian symbol A newly formed continent. Liberate yourself from old ideas about who you are or have to be.

[6:40] August 11th is a busy day! Venus enters *Leeeeeeoooooo*, where it celebrates playful pursuits and colorful costumes through September 4th.

[7:42] Also on August 11th, Mars makes a sextile to Neptune, with Mars on the Sabian symbol 25 Taurus, A Large Well Kept Public Park – which likes things orderly, at least in public –  and Neptune on the Sabian symbol 25 degrees Pisces, The purging of the priesthood. Sincerity triumphs over all; use this conjunction to work towards something that’s really meaningful to you.

[9:40] It’s the Mooooooooon report! The Aquarius Full Moon on (what else?) August 11th brings revelations related to three different lunar cycles – including that Feb. 2021 Aquarius New Moon with six planets in the sign of the waterbearer! The Full Moon’s Sabian symbol speaks of peace, but it won’t come without an effort: both the Sun and Moon are in aspect to Saturn.

[13:08] This week’s Void-of-Course Moon periods: What to contemplate when the Moon pauses between signs.

[19:03] The Sun opposes Saturn on August 14th, marking the halfway point in this year’s Sun/Saturn cycle. From here, you can see how far you’ve come in taking responsibility for your life, and how far there is yet to go.

[20:50] Also on August 14th, there’s a nice easy trine between Mars and Pluto, which can bring your ventures to the attention of powerful people.

[22:48] This week’s listener question is about dissociate/out-of-sign aspects. Can two planets be in opposition aspect if they’re not also in opposite signs?

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