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Episode 134 | The Scorpio Quarter Moon Merry-Go-Round!

Episode 134 | The Scorpio Quarter Moon Merry-Go-Round!

This week: Mars joins Uranus at the Moon’s North Node, and Venus arrives on the scene to offer some positive support. Mercury entering Virgo calls for caution in letting perfectionism overtake Leo’s creativity. And how can you turn the frustrating August 7 Mars-Saturn square into a motivational powerhouse? Plus, April answers a listener question about how to prioritize transits – which ones do you need to mark on your calendar?

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[0:35] What’s up in the Big Sky this week?

[1:08] The conjunction between Mars, Uranus, and the Moon’s North Node on August 1st: April explains why three isn’t always a crowd and sets the context for this unusual conjunction. What will we see in our own lives when negative Mars meets the positive North Node?

[4:28] Venus makes a Sextile aspect to Mars, Uranus and the North Node on August 2nd, which will bring a more positive energy, especially into your personal relationships. This takes place on the romantic Sabian symbol, Gondoliers in serenade, which is a delightful image that might inspire you out of your relationship rut.

[7:54] Mercury enters Virgo on August 3rd or August 4th, depending on where you live. Watch out for what happens when Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, invites you to translate your creative ideas into reality. Don’t forget to check back on your work using Virgo’s precision and perfectionism, but don’t get carried away; the Sun is still in Leo, so we need to indulge in creativity before we let perfectionism get in the way!

[11:12] Mooooooon Report! On August 5 (April’s birthday!), a Scorpio First Quarter Moon is all tangled up with Mars, Uranus, and Saturn in a formidable Grand Cross! April unpacks the Sabian symbols and explains how to grease the wheels of the fixed Grand Cross merry-go-round.

[16:52] When is the Moon Void-of-Course this week? April gives advice on how to make the most of several tricky Moon/Pluto periods!

[20:58] Venus makes a trine to Neptune on August 7th, a loving aspect that inspires you to cuddle and coddle your loved ones. But don’t hold on too tight.

[23:14] Mars’ square to Saturn on August 7 is potentially extremely frustrating, but if used positively can yield breakthroughs.

[25:09] A question from listener Jean – how should you handle difficult transits? Listen for April’s advice on which transits to pay attention to and what to look out for if you have an important day coming up. See April’s book Astrological Transits for more insights – and if you’re interested in booking some individual tutoring sessions with April, here’s how.

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[33:10] A Big Sky Astrology shoutout to the podcast’s generous listeners. This episode is brought to you by Aneya Elbert, Susan Hubbard, and Cathy Sullivan-Thompson!

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